Alternative Name :-Stick Posture/ Pose, Yastika Asana, Yastik Asan

This asana is also a resting pose or stretch. One can easily do this asana.

How to start OR How to reach the stretch :-

  • Lie on the back. Extend legs fully.
  • Inhale 3 seconds stretch arms towards head.
  • Stretch toes and fingers outwards.
  • Exhaling, return to normal.

How to end OR How to release the stretch :-

  • Retain this stretch for 6 seconds, and release the tension of the stretch while exhaling 3 seconds.

How it help or Benfits of Yastikasana:-

  • This is an excellent pose as it offers complete stretch to the thighs, arms and spine followed by complete relaxation.

Precaution of Yastikasana:-

  • Not for the persons who have acute cardiac problems, kyphosis.
  • Yoga