What not to do in Shul? And seriousness

Shulaghna Vihar

Shake, massage, hot bath, nah, champi, basti, sleep, day sleep, silence, happiness, peace, contentment, joy, consolation etc.

What not to do in Shul?

It is difficult to eradicate the disease without following a diet, so even in this colic disease, it is necessary to know what is common as a diet. Patients with colic should avoid foods that are cold, dry, mild, constipating, stale, bitter, hot, spicy, or bitter. Should not be eaten frequently. Not to transgress in restlessness; Potato, wal, peas, chola, papdi, chibhada, cucumber, gharda radish, gharda karela, chana, cabbage, kodri, math, samo, jambu, banana, shingoda, watermelon, sugarcane, cold-bamboo, milk, curd, guar etc. Dietary substances should be avoided.

Do not walk in the cold, do not bathe in cold water, do not walk with open body, do not eat fan air, wake up, talk too much, think too much, have too much sex, too much exercise, travel too much, work hard, worry, fear, stop speed etc. Remained the same.

The severity of Shul

As the patient is in great pain at the time of colic, his relatives or caregivers rush to him for immediate relief and sometimes at great expense. There are also cases of calling a doctor or hospitalizing a patient. In some cases, the disease progresses without primary treatment in a very common colic or the pain gets worse with treatment that aggravates the disease and the patient's life is also at risk. That is why it is important for every citizen to know the treatment of the initial different types of colic. So that the interest of the individual and also of the society can be achieved.

Today, there is a flurry of painkillers for headaches, joint pains, etc. The practice of taking many medicines without the need for knowledge, ignorance or imitation is increasing. In addition, instead of eliminating the cause of the disease, many kinds of reactions increase and in order to cure a small disease, one has to suffer from leprosy of the heart, nerves and digestive system. Sometimes the patient has to die with such drugs that interfere with the knowledge of pain to the brain. Therefore, it is in the interest of the individual and the community to know the best Ayurvedic remedies to get rid of a common ailment from a common symptom like colic, to get an innocent, low-cost and self-reliant treatment that will cure the disease as soon as it occurs.

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