Weakness of metal

The person whose semen is thin should get 50 gms of basil seeds and 20 gms of sugar and keep the powder ready. Then take 10 grams of this powder daily and mix it with cow's milk to thicken the semen.

Do this experiment for forty consecutive days and observe celibacy till then.

10 grams of semolina peel, take a bowl in milk, get enough sugar and consume it, the semen defect is cured. As well as nightmares also have a lot of benefits.

Mixing one gram of nutmeg powder with water in the early morning removes the weakness of the metal, and also increases the strength.

Fry lentils with husk in 20 grams ghee and make its powder. Then get 150 grams of sugar in it. Take 20 grams of this powder daily and lick it with ghee and honey to thicken the semen.

Frequent intercourse with a woman weakens the sperm in the semen. At that time, taking two grams of cinnamon powder with milk in the morning and evening is very beneficial, semen will increase and weakness of sperm will be removed.

200 ml Getting a teaspoon of honey in cow's milk and drinking it regularly for a few days will make up for the lack of semen and invigorate the body.

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