We are all well aware of Wawding. Even if it’s not a spice thing; But, it is used at home. It is an incredibly innocuous and curative item that is often used. It is welcomed by the great physicians and all the pharmacologists. Pediatricians have also given it a proper place. The reddish peppercorns of the waxing are like grains. Today's food is not healthy. The children are very fond of them. The result is worm infestation. The same type of food goes away and the worm also gets nutrition. Because of this the baby stays lean.

Waving is also very useful for adults. It is especially useful in urinary incontinence; It also plays a good part in rejuvenating patients. It is true that taking it turns the urine red; But it is not harmful. Taking it with milk reduces the problem. It is appreciated by all the doctors, physicians, homeopaths and allopathic doctors of the world. The amount is one teaspoon for adults and one teaspoon for children. (Twice a day: morning and night).

The taste of waffling is excellent and astringent, it is fragrant. Vavdding is spicy, hot, short, bitter, deep and delicious. It is curative and palatable in cough, flatulence and indigestion. It destroys worms, colic, primitive, gastroenteritis, spleen, spleen, indigestion, cough, heart disease, thus, tridosha, fat and gonorrhea (all types).

 It is also useful for constipation, laxatives, asthma and skin diseases. It relieves stomach problems and increases digestion.

(1) On worms: Give the extract of waving with jaggery.
(2) To keep the baby healthy: Dip one whipping powder in honey.
(3) On anorexia and fever: Mix the powder of waxing honey and keep it in the mouth and swallow it slowly.
(4) If you feel dizzy: make a wreath and tie it over your ear.
(5) Cough and shortness of breath on the child: Giving whipping powder in honey.
(6) On heart disease: Giving wowding and collagen powder in cow urine.
(7) For defecation: Take wavding and ajma powder with hot water.
(8) Giving Vavding powder to young children twice a day reduces the problem of flatulence.
(9) To reduce the effect of old age in life: Take Vavding and Jethi honey powder in the morning and at night.
(10) To get rid of worms in the stomach: Take the powder of Vavding with water.
(11) If small blisters appear on the body due to bile, take vavding powder in water.
(12) If the bush does not come down soon: take the powder of wavding with lemon.
(13) To increase digestion: Take powder of Vavding twice a day with water.

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