Vomiting that occurs during pregnancy

A woman who becomes pregnant should get up every morning and drink lemon juice in lukewarm water immediately after washing her hands and mouth in Naranakotha. The vomiting will stop.

Drinking ice water on hot days also stops vomiting.

Placing a wet bandage of water on the fetus of a pregnant woman also stops vomiting.

Only liquids should be taken in the meal when frequent vomiting occurs. Such as lemon juice, orange juice, citrus juice as well as coconut water are very beneficial.

Fry the cardamom peel on a hot griddle. Then licking the bowl with honey also stops vomiting.

Sucking a piece of ice in the mouth also eliminates frequent vomiting.

In case of frequent and excessive vomiting during pregnancy, it is very beneficial to get a little sugar and drink it with 20 gms of Belnungar rice osmanthus.

Doing this experiment three times a day will stop vomiting.

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