Vomiting is caused by eating spoiled food, bloating, indigestion, pregnancy, some of the symptoms of the disease and many more. Immediate prevention of vomiting due to indigestion leads to disadvantages rather than benefits. However, the vomiting of the elderly, infirm, children, pregnant women, cowards, etc., and anyone with excessive vomiting should be stopped immediately.

  • Do not give any solid or liquid food. When vomiting stops, give light and delicious food like poppy seeds, mamara, pomegranate, lemon juice, honey etc.
  • Paddy laja is the best medicine for vomiting. Feeding it or dipping its powder in honey.
  • Put Chhardiripu tablet, honey or lemon curry or keep it in empty wax.
  • Mayurpichchhabhasma, Sanjeev's Vati, Hingashtak powder etc. also have a good effect in vomiting.
  • Home remedies like throat juice, purple soft leaf juice, frankincense water, flywheel water, coconut water made from burnt ash etc. are also beneficial.
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