Urine in bed

If a small child is urinating in bed, take food in a bowl with water and rub it properly. Doing this experiment will reduce the child's habit of urinating in bed.

Feeding the child two nuts and 10 large grapes during the day breaks the habit.

Giving a baby a teaspoon of honey while sleeping helps him to get out of bed. Do this experiment for 15 to 20 days.

If the child has become accustomed to urinating in bed every day, washing the feet with a little lukewarm water before the children go to sleep at night will reduce the child's habit of doing this for a few days.

If a small child urinates in bed, he should be lovingly persuaded instead of being intimidated or hit or threatened. They should be given adequate food at night. Or not to give at all, when the child starts sleeping, he should be made to urinate first.

When a child urinates in bed when he grows up, give him a few black sesame seeds to chew on every day and soon the urination in the bed will stop.

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