Ur: colic (chest pain)

Cold , Tuberculosis, pleurisy, cough etc. cause chest pain. People also use the term 'chest pads' for it. This causes the patient excruciating pain and confusion.

  • Shake constantly. A steam shake of water or a shake of a bag with hot water. (Shake a little on the heart.)
  • Squeeze by hand on chest and ribs.
  • Massage whatever is available from alcohol, nectar point, Panchgun oil, Sarsiyu oil, Eucalyptus oil etc.
  • Ginger, paprika root, linden pepper, ajmo, asafoetida, garlic etc. should be dipped in honey or water.
  • Ginger, Tulsi or honey in the right amount of what is obtained from Pushkar root, Trikatu, Mrigshrung, Bhasma, Shwasakuthar juice.
  • Kankasav, Drakshasav, Arjunarisht, Dashmularisht, Amrutbindu, Ajmark, Suvark, Fudinark or higher type of honey should be taken in appropriate quantity in water.
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