Turmeric has a prominent place in kitchen spices. It is also widely used as a medicine. There are two types of turmeric: iron and soft. Iron turmeric is used in color work, while soft turmeric is used as a spice. The dish does not taste good without turmeric, it looks pale. Turmeric is useful in every category of child, young, old. Turmeric is useful for normal women, pregnant women, postpartum women etc. as well as those of any nature. Its consumption does not harm anyone. It gives equal benefit to the three natures, viz., Bile and phlegm. Turmeric has great blood purifying properties. Pure blood can fight any disease. It well alleviates the disorders caused in the body.

Analysis of elements:
1. Jalatatva - 13.10%
2. Protein - 6.30%
3. Fat - 5.10%
4. Carbohydrate - 69.40%
5. Mineral substances - 3.50%
6. Fiber - 2.60%
7. Calcium - 0.15%
8. Phosphorus - 0.28%
9. Iron - 18.60 mg  Per 100 grams
10. Vitamin 'A' - 50 amra Per 100 grams per unit
11. Calories - 349 per 100 grams

Turmeric is spicy, bitter, astringent, hot and hot as well as improves body color. It also cures cough, vomiting, bile, skin blemishes, hemorrhage, inflammation, anemia, ulcers, leprosy and eczema. It is anthelmintic, improves the digestive system and stops the secretion of blood.

(1) Cough: Eat a piece of roasted turmeric while sleeping at night.
(2) Shlipad (thickening of legs or arms): (If not more than one year old) Mix turmeric and jaggery in cow urine and drink it.
(3) On cough and sneezing: Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in heated milk and drink it.
(4) If the throat becomes sore and no sound comes out of the throat, add two pinches of turmeric powder in the heated milk and drink it.
(5) When blood clots due to head injury or something, heat a bowl of turmeric and salt and chop.
(6) Applying turmeric and lime on the pain of the head, the pain disappears.
(7) On hemorrhoids: Put a lump of turmeric in the blind of tuver dal and boil it. Then let it dry. Hemorrhoids can be cured by making it like a bowl, ointment in cow's ghee and applying it on hemorrhoids.
(8) On the wound: Applying turmeric powder stops bleeding and the wound heals quickly.
(9) On redness, glaucoma and puffiness of the eyes: In the bowl of turmeric, apply a lump of turmeric in the eyes.
(10) On redness and inflammation of the eyes: Heat turmeric and inflated alum powder in cold water and wash the eyes in it.
(11) On cold and salakham: Steam boiled water with turmeric.
(12) To heal wounds that do not heal quickly, chop turmeric in oil and rub it with oil.
(13) On jaundice: Put turmeric in cow's milk or buttermilk and drink it.

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