Traumatic Wound

Bleeding from sudden wounds due to falling, biting, bruising, bruising or cutting, etc., usually due to sudden onset of such minor-major bleeding, start the following possible treatment immediately.

  • Remove extra men, have the courage of the healer and be patient with the patient and his relatives.
  • Let the patient lie down or lie down.
  • Pushing in the upper part of the place where the blood is flowing (in the way of the blood coming from the heart). Elevating that limb. Applying pressure to the wound, cover the sore immediately.
  • Continuous edging of cold water over the wound. Tie a bandage soaked in cold water tightly. Apply cold substances such as spirits or ice.
  • Press a fine powder of any tura substance like turmeric, herd, alum, katho, jethi honey or lodhar and tie a tight bandage on it.
  • Burn the wound with millet, rupees, silk cloth or wool and press its ashes and bandage over it.
  • If the bleeding does not stop in any way, cover the wound with a sharp instrument.
  • Bleeding stops immediately by pressing fine powder of grapes, sandalwood, lodhar and ghula.
  • Make a bandage of liniment rhubarb, extract frankincense or pentagon.
  • In a soft spot like mouth, eyes, where poisonous or pungent medicine seems harmful, take herbs like jethi honey, alum or turmeric.
  • In case of excessive bleeding, apply Jethimadha, Alum, Lacquer Powder, Shonitargal Juice, Godanti Bhasma, Chandrakala Raas or Ball Parparti in appropriate quantity of milk or water as internal medicine.
  • The root of Gangeti (Gangeruki) or the pulp of the bark is given to the wound. Immediately the blood will stop. Leaf pulp can also be placed.
  • Also sprinkle ghee cooked in jethi honey.
  • If he is good at taking stitches, he should take one stitch every half an inch to heal a long wound one inch above with good clean tools. After taking the stitches, apply bandage on it by applying Panchgun oil, Jatyadi ointment, Jethi honey obtained in pure ghee, pure honey and ghee obtained in it.
  • To get rid of the fear of bow, give only turmeric and honey temporarily if you have to give only 1/2 gram of Tankan powder, Laxminarayan juice, Ekangveer or Vatavidhvans juice in honey twice a day for three days.
  • The bleeding patient should eat yoghurt, tomato, ghee, milk, salt, mango, etc. for four days.
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