Toothache (toothache)

Tooth decay can be caused by the growth of new teeth, the movement of teeth, the blowing of the wind, the swelling of the gums, the worms in the teeth, the consumption of excessive amounts of sweets, the consumption of cold foods or cold drinks.

  • Filling a high quality hing in the jaw, putting the hing itself.
  • Take 1-2 tablets of painkiller juice in water.
  • Squeeze a bowl of camphorhingu or a worm ax in the jaw.
  • Pressing the toothpick into the jaw.
  • Irimedadi, Panchgun or Jatyadi oil, Kapurarasav; Squeeze whatever is found in cloves, taj, ajma or pepper extract, nectar point etc. into your jaw or get its drops in hot water and rinse.
  • Apply Kalijiri, Raswanti, Hing, Ginger, Lap Guti, Doshaghna Lap or Dashang Lap on the outside where there is swelling on the cheeks.
  • Make a round and elliptical (or rectangular) hole in the bottom of the small pot or kuldin and place it inverted on a frying pan filled with water. Hold the mouth as close as possible and hold the handkerchief close to the lips to prevent smoke from escaping. This smoking cures the excruciating pain instantly and forever.
  • Pull out a completely rotten or loose tooth to the dentist.
  • Peanuts, jaggery, dates, sugar, peppermint, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, yogurt, tea, vegetables, peanut oil, ice cubes, cold drinks, overcooked drinks, etc. are common in toothache.
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