Tooth decay

Teeth are filled with food or other food particles. Which when not cleaned slowly begins to rot. Which causes black spots to appear in the roots of the teeth. Which is called tooth decay. That is to say worms fall into the teeth.

The beauty of this disease is that those who get this disease do not know that they have got the disease.

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Dip hing in water and let it boil for a while. Then, when the water cools down, rinsing it kills the worms in the teeth.

Filling hing in the cavity of the tooth kills the tooth worms and also eliminates the toothache.

Filling the teeth with nutmeg oil does not cause tooth decay. And the worms die and the toothache subsides.

Chop the onion finely. Put it in a bowl filled with oil and put it on fire, put a pot with an inverted pot on it.

Drinking onion-filled chilam also removes tooth decay and soothes toothache.

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