To sound low

Fresh radish juice, fern oil and honey are taken in equal proportions and after mixing well, it is very beneficial to put two to four drops in the ear four times during the day.

Eating ginger, jaggery and ghee makes it sound better. As well as shutting down if there are false noises in the ears.

Applying four to five drops of mustard oil in the ear eliminates the complaint of hearing loss.

Getting ginger juice and honey, adding a little salt in it, putting two to four drops of this mixture in the ear is very beneficial.

Applying cinnamon oil in the ears regularly for a few days while sleeping every day is very beneficial.

Extracting the juice of basil leaves and heating it slightly and putting it in the ear is very beneficial.

Once a week, warm the fern oil and apply it in the ears to get rid of deafness.

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