To make hair black

Combine one kg of mango juice, one kg of desi ghee, 50 g of jethi honey and let it boil over low heat. When the water is dry and only ghee is left, take it down and filter it. Then apply this mixture carefully in the hair like black henna. Then wash the head. Doing this experiment for a few days will make the hair black and shiny.

Prepare the powder by taking iron powder, herde, behda, amla and black clay. Then take this powder with sugarcane juice and keep it for a month. Then apply like a lotion in the hair. In a few days, your hair will become a natural black shiny. (Apply this lotion at night and wash your hair in the morning.)

Mix crushed mango powder in water and add lemon juice. Then washing the hair with this mixture will make the hair soft and black.

Take mango in a bowl with neem leaves and henna leaves and apply it on the hair at night and wash the hair in the morning. Doing this experiment twice a week for two months will make the hair shiny and soft black.

Soak the mango in water at night. In the morning, after rubbing the mango, straining the water and washing the hair with it, the hair will become black and soft.

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