Vanuatu is prone to extreme irritability, severe trauma, profuse bleeding, and tetanus during pregnancy.

The notion of tetanus-tetanus is widespread after being hit by an iron fist or after being touched by a corrosion. Special treatment is also given to prevent tetanus, so people at home need to know how to prevent tetanus and the necessary knowledge of treatment after tetanus.

(A) To resist the bow, pay attention to:

  • Immediately after noon, take one teaspoon of oil (sesame oil) in one teaspoon of water.
  • Dip one teaspoon of turmeric and one teaspoon of sugar in water or coconut water.
  • Don't eat sour things like yoghurt, tamarind, tomato and other things like jaggery, chola, wal, chana for two days.

(B) After bowing, treat as follows:

  • Since tetanus is a very deadly disease, it is necessary to seek treatment from a qualified specialist. If there is a Panchkarma clinic nearby, take the patient there.
  • As transmissible oil is excellent in this disease, it should be massaged, inhaled, inhaled and inhaled.
  • Rub plenty of sesame oil and mustard oil on the patient's body.
  • All the treatments mentioned in the concussion also apply to this disease.
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