Some foods increase the amount of salt in the urine.

Calcium, phosphate-rich foods, seafood and vitamin D-rich foods, drinking less water than necessary, and hot air can cause sweating.

Often bedridden due to chronic illness also causes the body to accumulate more salt than it needs.


Moving around increases the pain of the stone. When there are stones in the bladder, the pain starts from the lower back and goes to the thighs.

When a patient with kidney stones starts having severe pain from the abdomen.

The pain is intermittent and lasts for a few minutes or hours. Which are the main symptoms of this disease.

Kidney or bladder stones are accompanied by pain, vomiting, urinary incontinence, or inflammation. Sometimes there is a fever.


Make a small powder of dried mango in the shade of fresh mango leaves.

There are many benefits to taking eight grams of this powder with stale water every morning.

Drinking apple juice does not cause new stones and the stones in the body are swallowed out in liquid form.

Eating mango powder with radish is beneficial in bladder stones.

The stones are swallowed very easily by eating the powder of purple goat with yoghurt.

Drinking fresh coconut water gives relief in case of gallstones.

30 ml. Drinking gram mitnorus four times a day swallows stones.

Peel a squash, grate it and take a teaspoon in the morning and evening (with cold water).

Six grams of neem leaf ash mixed with cold water thrice a day removes bladder stones in a few days.

Apply dried amla powder on a bowl of radish and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning. The stones disappear very quickly.

Eating three-four nuts of almonds gives relief in stones.

If the pain is severe, there is no urination, soak almonds at night and take a bowl with fresh rose in the morning with cold milk to get rid of stones.

Drinking regular karela juice with buttermilk dissolves the stones. (Continue this experiment till the stones are swallowed.)

Treatment of stones with food:

Add sugar in onion juice and make a syrup and drink it for ten or fifteen days to get rid of the stones.

Eating chola vegetable dissolves inside the stone.

Eating Bathua vegetable or drinking its soup also removes stones.

Drinking chickpeas, carrots and purple juice is very beneficial in stones.

Soaking chickpeas at night and eating them with honey in the morning helps in swallowing stones.

Boil radish seeds (about 5 grams) in half a kilo of water. Drain when half the water is left. Then drink this water. Doing this experiment for 30 days dissolves the bladder stones.

By drinking the juice of the radish and eating its leaves with great care, the stones dissolve in 30 days and are excreted in the urine.


Drink plenty of water or other plain drinks.

Spinach, mustard, bathua, radish leaves, fenugreek, tomato, chola, chocolate, meat, eggs, fish etc. should not be taken.

One should be very careful in eating and drinking as stones are closely related to our food and drink.

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