Stomach diseases (indigestion)


Eating more than necessary and against the rules, drinking more water. Preventing natural reactions, not digesting food before, yet eating again, getting more sleep during the day, staying up late at night. Breakfast in the morning is indigestion for many reasons that cannot be digested till noon.

Apart from this, indigestion is also caused by eating raw-cooked food, eating fast without chewing, eating heavy meals, eating too much ripe or rotten fruits, eating too many spicy foods.


Stomach feels full and heavy, constipation persists, sometimes thin diarrhea occurs, lethargy persists, thus are common symptoms. Apart from this, nausea, belching after eating and loss of appetite are all special symptoms.


Get one tola of ginger and two tola of round bowl in one tola of basil juice. Then make small tablets of it.

Taking one tablet with water regularly every morning and evening improves digestion and will make you feel hungry.

Extract salted pomegranate juice and get roasted cumin and jaggery in it and take it two or three times a day, it cures indigestion.

If kheechadi is eaten in large quantities, kheechadi is digested quickly by eating two pinches of Sindhwalun.

Ladu, malpua, puri go away immediately after taking the powder of pipla root when there is a problem with eating too much.

If indigestion occurs due to eating coconut and palm fruits, it is easily digested by eating rice.

One or two teaspoons of ghee should be eaten to relieve indigestion due to overeating.

Eating too much ghee gives indigestion and drinking lemon juice gives a lot of relief.

Milk should be drunk when indigestion is caused by eating too much mango.

Milk should be drunk when indigestion occurs due to overeating of dates or shingles.

If indigestion occurs when rice is eaten in large quantities, hot water should be drunk on top.

If you have drunk too much water, you should eat some ajmo to get relief.

Eating two to three Datura seeds gives relief when the lentils are eaten in large quantities.

Make a powder by taking equal parts of ginger, kalamari, peppermint and salt.

Indigestion is relieved by drinking a glass of lukewarm water with one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of ginger juice and two teaspoons of honey.

Taking one gram of asafoetida powder before meal relieves indigestion.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Drinking this juice will cure indigestion and belching.

Licking a bowl of five grams of basil leaves and five or ten black peppers together will cure all the disorders of indigestion.

In case of indigestion and stomach upset due to it, taking one teaspoon of Tulsi and Ginger juice every three hours is very beneficial. This juice is immediately beneficial if taken with warm water.


Patients with this disease should not eat anything for three days after the onset of indigestion. Light digestible foods like lentils, porridge, buttermilk, buttermilk should be taken immediately. And do not eat heavy or overly spicy or oily fried foods.

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