Special herbs made from Neem Part-2

(25) Neem Gulkand (A): Take fresh Neem flowers (without stalks), wash it with water and clean it. Then in a glass jar, apply one layer of powdered sugar and one layer of flowers. Keep the weight of sugar 3 times more than full. Spread the mixed sugar along with the flowers in the last upper layer. Then close its mouth, cover it with a cloth and leave it in the sun and moonlight. Gulkand will be ready in 1 month. (This medicine is made only in summer.) It is a useful medicine for biliary or biliary insanity, anemia, dermatitis and to boost the immune system. Its quantity is 8 to 10 grams.

(26) Neem Gulkand (B): Take fresh Neem flowers and its equivalent of tal-mishri (sugar made from palm) and spread it one layer on top of the other in a glass jar. Then put a lid on the mouth, tie a cloth on it and keep it in the sun for 1 month. After 1 month, its excellent Neem gulkand will be ready. Its quantity is 8 to 10 grams. Take once a day in the morning. Its consumption eliminates bleeding, constant warmth of the body, sore throat, bad breath, anorexia, hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, rheumatism and eye disorders. (N. U.)

(27) Lemon Laddu: Prepare lemon flour in this way. After extracting the lemon oil, put the juice of lemon juice in the paste, apply it on a clay pot or pot (outside) and let it dry. After it dries, grind it into flour. Pour enough water into 200 grams of such flour that its liquid (like chickpea flour) can drip. Then dip it in 200 grams ghee and fry it. Then chop 200 grams of Neem gum into small pieces and saute it in ghee. Then grind it into a paste and take fine sugar. After that 1 | 4 per kg of sugar Make your syrup, get the bundi and gum in it, make 15-20 grams of its ladu. If you don't want to make such bundi-ladu, first fry the gunderkani in ghee and slowly fry the lemongrass powder. Then pour the syrup into a plate or make small ladu directly. This ‘Neem-ladu’ is an excellent medicine and nourishing item for a person suffering from biliary nature and biliary heat. Take only 1 ladu every morning. (N. U.)

 (28) Nimbanjan: Take 2 grams of dry-yellow leaves of Neem and 10 grams of lemon oil. Then make a wick of the leaf and 1 gram of dried Neem flower powder in a clean thin cloth of 2-3 inches and place it in the lamp. Then put lemon oil in it. Make a lamp out of it, burn it, make a mash. Applying this mesh (kajal) in the eye every night removes all the eye disorders in children. Therefore, eye ailments like dark circles under the eyes, eyebrows, redness, inflammation, itching are eliminated.

(29) Nimb Manjan: Take 20 gms of Neem root bark powder, 20 gms of Sonageru and 10 gms of Sindhalun in Kharal. Then give him 3 spirits (put) of Neem leaf juice, dry it, fill a finely sieved bottle. Grinding this toothpaste every day removes bleeding from the gums, pus coming out, peeling or heat in the mouth, bad breath from the mouth, nausea etc. The teeth do not rot. So the teeth stay healthy and strong.

(30) Neem-Ubatan (bath powder): Take 10 grams of fresh Neem bark and lemon kernel and mix it with fresh Neem leaf juice in a bowl. Keep squeezing the leaf juice even while getting it. When it becomes like a bathing pulp (Ubatan), first wet the body with water, then bathe the medicine thoroughly on the limb. This Ubatan (bath) cures skin ailments like summer rashes, rashes, hives, body odor, excessive sweating. (N. U.)

(31) Neem incense: Dry Neem (green) dry leaves, roots, bark and dried flowers 100-100 gms and Google 500 gms all mixed with half sugar, 2 gms of cow ghee mixed in it and put in a crushed plastic container or glass jar. This incense is used daily in the morning and evening in the house for all kinds of swim fever, planet-ghost obstruction, child planet and house odor; Micro-organisms like mosquitoes, fleas, monkeys are destroyed. In addition, all members of the household are protected from the spread of infectious diseases such as cholera, plague, smallpox, measles, and chicken pox. By burning incense in the patient's room, he recovers quickly. (N. U.)

Note: Many ashes of Ayurveda are made using Neem stems, leaves, leaf juice etc. Such as Godanti Hartal Bhasma, Shankhabhasma etc.

(32) Neem - Antimony (A): Bring 50 to 100 grams of black or white antimony, make a hole in a Neem tree, put it inside, close the hole with a piece of Neem. After six months, take out the antimony gangrene and put it in a mortar, add lemon juice and soak it for 3 days. Then after it dries, grind it again, add a little (1 gram in 20 grams) Bhimsen camphor and fill the bottles with ankles. This antimony cures all the new and old eye diseases like tingling, tingling, redness, blurring, blurring, itching, redness by rubbing it in the eye while sleeping every night. It is also beneficial in early cataracts.

(33) Neem - Antimony (B): Take 2 to 3 grams of black or white antimony, knead it in a mortar, add fresh Neem leaf juice a little bit in it, anoint very well (12 hours). Once it becomes very fine, mix a little Bhimsen camphor in it, knead and fill small vials. Applying this antimony to the eye daily with a glass rod is beneficial in all eye diseases like eye haze, itching, itching, watery eyes, redness, inflammation, pain. The brightness of the eye increases. (N. Gu. Vs.)

(34) Jawahar Kajal: This is a very excellent Unani medicine experiment which is unique for many eye diseases. For the experiment, take 10 grams of opium, Neem leaf juice, bakan, Neem leaf juice and aniseed water in 10 grams of kharal at a time and spread it on a white paper. After it dries, make it like a beetle, pour sesame oil on it, burn it all at once to make mascara, collect it in a bowl. Then put a little Baras Kapoor in it, evenly fill the ankles, small cans. This mascara is very useful in all eye diseases.

(35) Karna Roghar Oil: Take 50 gms of fresh Neem leaves and 50 gms of fern oil in a small pan and heat it on fire. After a while, add some turmeric, prepare oil and strain it. Once the oil settles, add some honey. Applying drops of this oil in the ear cures ear rash, ear ripening, ear pain, deafness etc.

(36) Corn oil: Fennel oil 20 gms, Neem leaf juice 10 gms, water 10 gms, turmeric 3 gms, asafoetida 1 gm, camphor 3 gms and if found opium 1 gms. Put Neem leaves in a bowl. Then add oil and water and bring to boil. Then add turmeric and oil. Strain the oil. Finally dissolve it in a little water, add camphor in it and get it in oil. Applying this oil in the ear cures the flow of vaccine or water from the ear, earache, earache and other ear ailments.

(37) Spleen powder: Take lemon zest, ajmo, navsar and roasted rye in four parts, make finely powdered sugar. Take 5 grams of this powder with buttermilk or water in the morning. So the spleen disease will disappear.

(38) Abdominal: Take Neem bark, acacia bark, kicker (acacia) bark, 2-3 grams and bark, wad, shemlo, kardo, piludi and padvas bark 2-3 grams. Put all the sugar in a big pot, put cow's buttermilk on it. Then close the mouth of the pot and make a cloth, press it under the pile of garbage (on 1 hand). After 2-3 months, remove it, drain the clean water on top, fill it in a bottle. Just ‘Udramrut Extract’ is ready. Taking 20-2 grams of this medicine daily in the morning, it is the ultimate chemical medicine for all stomach ailments like gastritis, spleen and liver inflammation, and other old and new stomach ailments. This is the secret experiment of an incredibly experienced hermit.

(39) Arshagad Guti: Take 20 grams of ripe lemon kernel and mix it with 20 grams old jaggery in a very fine bowl and ankle in a mortar, take it with tablets like chickpeas. Taking 1 to 2 tablets with water in the morning and evening is beneficial in all types of hemorrhoids. (Neem Marks Statement).

(40) Arshamardan Guti: (for eating and planting): Lemongrass (bean) 20 gms, pure yellow raswanti 20 gms, dead horn 20 gms and black pepper 20 gms, finely ground Take more ankles again with pills like chanibor. Take 1 to 2 tablets with water in the morning and evening. After going to the toilet, rub one tablet with water and apply it on the hemorrhoids. This will heal the hemorrhoids and make you healthy. (N. Gu. Vs.)

(41) Nimb Satva Guti: Break the (fresh) Neem which has not dried even and put it in a small earthen pot. Make 30-4 small holes in the bottom of the pot. Then remove both the oil and the extract from it by the method of ablution. Then knead it constantly. When it becomes very thick, make 3 to 4 tablets. Put 1 tablet of this medicine in cow butter every morning and give it to the patient. So in a few days Duzta or Badi Harasma will be relieved.

(Note: See under Chapter-13, Number (2) about the abyss.)

(42) Arshoghna ointment: Take 20 gms of Neem, 30 gms of raswanti, 10 gms of gallic acid, 10 gms of pure opium, 2 gms of bodar, 2 gms of jahrat and 2 gms of camphor, make fine powder of it and make cow butter. Ointment the ankles in Vaseline. Apply the ointment daily on the hemorrhoids after defecation. At the same time, taking anti-hemorrhoids also gives relief from any kind of terrible hemorrhoids.

(43) White leprosy extract: Collect 1 kg of Neem leaves, 1 kg of raw Neem leaves, 2 kg of hard bark of Neem, 2 kg of jaggery and dissolve in 2 liters of water. Fill it all into a strong earthen vessel, cover its mouth with a cloth, and bury it in the ground. Leave it for 2-3 days, remove it. Then extract it and extract 2 liters of extract with its extract machine. Then take the same amount of herbs for the second time as before and extract only 1 liter of it. Collect both and fill the bottle. This extract is an excellent remedy for white spot patient. Apply 3 to 4 grams of extract on the first day. The next day increase the dose to 20 mg. In this way, keep increasing the dose to 20 mg daily, said Devi. It is imperative to eat chickpea flour bhakri immediately after taking the medicine. Otherwise there is a risk of vision loss. Decrease the medication after a week. Increase to another week. Decrease in the third week. Do not take medicine for 1 week after doing exactly 1 month. Resume medication. Doing so will remove the white stain.

(44) Neem Ghan (Rubb Neem) - For all types of hemorrhoids: Freshly cleaned Neem leaves 100 gm, put in an earthenware vessel (degdi) 50 to 200 gm water, soak it overnight. In the morning, take a bowl of water in the same water and strain it with a cloth. Put the liquid in the pan again and cook on low flame. When all the water is burnt and the medicine is solid, take it out and fill the can. This medicine is 20 mg. Eat with cow butter in the morning and after 1 hour get ‘bitter cow-dhrit’. So soon all kinds of hemorrhoids will disappear.

(45) Strengthening Yoga for the Elderly: Take equal parts of Neem flower, leaf, lemon, gum and its bark, take 20 to 30 grams. Then take 50-50 grams of Nilkanthi (Parrot-Vegetable Kutch) leaves, Lindi pepper, Sindhav, Shahjiru and Triphala and grind them all. Then make tablets like its chanibor. Taking 1 tablet with water every morning makes the old person healthy and strong like the young. Along with this, follow the diet of not taking milk with sour curd.

(46) Kamavardhak Yoga: Take 1500 grams each of pomegranate peel, throat, ground amla and prepare its decoction. Take 15 liters of water for boiling and boil all the ingredients and keep one fourth (2 liters) left. Then add 2-3 grams of Neem bark, pomegranate bark, curry, gokhru, molecule seeds, cat bark, moth, triphala, cedar, purple tree bark, mango bark, grapes and tagar and mix half the sugar in it. Then get 1 liter of sesame oil and 1500 grams of cow's milk in it and boil it over low-medium heat. Daily massage of this oil on the penis removes the weakness of the senses and weakness of the veins. Full enjoyment of libido. Apart from that, applying this oil also cures inflammation of hands, feet or scalp.

(47) Nimbarisht: Boil 150 grams of Neem bark (pieces) in 2 liters of water. When 5 liters of water is left, strain it. Then in it 4 || Take 1 kg of old jaggery, 2 gms of Dhavadi flower, 20 gms of white cumin, 50 gms of black pepper, 20 gms of Kariyata flower or Kariyatu, 20 gms of pepper, take all sugar. Then put ghee in a strong (lined) lump of clay, boil it and add other powder, close its mouth tightly, let it rest for a month. Take the vessel so large that everything comes in half of the mass vessel. Because it needs space to ferment. Dispose of it after 1 month. Then strain the distilled liquid 3 times at intervals of 2-3 days. After which the beautiful red ‘Nimbarisht’ will be ready.

This Nimbarist is an excellent remedy for all types of fever and malaria, dermatitis and fever. Take this medicine at the rate of 3 grams of water one hour after meal and take it regularly.

(48) Neem soap: Neem soap is especially used for bathing in skin diseases. Many large companies and village industries make Neem soap. One way is as follows. Coprale oil 200 gms, Lemongrass oil 20 gms, Caustic soda lye 3 gms, Bami hydrometer 500 gms. Green as needed. Method: First combine both the oils in a pan and heat. Then slowly pour caustic soda into it and knead everything with a stick. When everything thickens, put the substance in the soap lid or soap frame (dye) and let it settle. On the third day, remove it and pack it with butter paper and other colored paper. This soap is especially useful in skin and anemia, dandruff, lice, lice etc.

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