Special herbs made from Neem

In Ayurveda, there are many special herbs made from Neem which many doctors use in their practice. Here we will find information about the composition (combination) of those specific herbs and their uses.

(1) Nimbadi powder (A) [Diuretic]: Dry leaves of Neem, its stalk, root bark, flower and lemon seed take 50-50 grams each, get its fine powder and add five salts (Sindhav, Sanchal, Bidlun, Sambharsun Take 20 grams powder of Vadagaru (sea salt) and take it. Take this medicine with 2 to 3 grams of hot water, it cures indigestion, fever, colic, diarrhea, anorexia, anorexia, vomiting.

(2) Nimbadi powder (B) [antiseptic]: Make fine powder of Neem leaf or (outer) bark 100 gms, triphala, ginger, pepper, linden pepper, javkhar, baking soda or sajikhar 10-10 grams each . Taking 2 to 3 grams of this medicine with water in the morning and evening removes typhoid fever (malaria: persistent, persistent, intermittent, third, fourth fever), metallic (chronic) fever and fever caused by triad. (Bhavprakash)

(3) Nimbadi powder (C) [Vataraktadinashak]: Neem (external) bark, throat, herd, amla, bavachi 50-50 grams each And take 10 grams each of this (uplet) and make a fine powder.

Regularly taking 1 to 2 grams of this medicine daily with boiled throat, gout, white leprosy, leprosy, hives, leprosy, gallstones, sputum, scabies, itching, eczema, shingles , Mandal leprosy, Kitib leprosy (psoriasis), rheumatism, abdominal disease, spleen, gulm, pandu, jaundice and ulcer are destroyed and the body becomes beautiful. (Bhaishjya Ratnavali)

(4) Punchnimb powder (leprosy killer): Panchang of Neem (five limbs - leaves, flowers, bark, roots and lemon seeds) 150-150 grams each and iron ash or mandur ash, harde, kuwadia's seed, chitrak, bhilama Boiled and purified with cow urine), wavding, sugar, amla, turmeric, linden pepper, black pepper, ginger, bavachi, garmala jaggery and gokharu. Take 50 grams each of this, make a powder of it Give at least 3 feelings of decoction and 1 feeling of decoction of bark of bhang tree at the same time, dry it and grind it finely.

Dosage: Dosage of this medicine up to 8 to 10 grams of Kherchal decoction or Khadirashti or milk or milk regularly for 1 month destroys all kinds of leprosy and skin diseases. This is a chemical drug. This is the most widely used medicine in dermatology by current doctors.

Note: Generally, give 2 to 3 grams of this medicine 3 to 4 times a day in proportion to the disease or with honey. This medicine is also very beneficial on spleen growth.

Diet: With this medicine, the patient should give up meat, alcohol, sour milk, raw milk, unhealthy food, constipating substance. Don't let constipation stay. Also take laxatives as needed. So there will be good benefits.

(5) Short Nimbapanchak powder: To take 1-1 portion of five Neem leaves stored in time. Make a powder of it, get 1-1 part of each of Triphala and Trikatu and turmeric powder in it, make a powder. Regular intake of 2 to 3 grams of this medicine with milk, honey, ghee or hot water (appropriate proportion according to the disease) destroys cough, poison, gonorrhea and leprosy. (Gadanigraha - Granth)

(6) Nimbharidra Room: Collect 200 gms of Neem leaf juice, 2 gms of sugar in a frying pan, boil over low or medium heat. When it thickens and starts dripping down from the spoon, it contains Triphala, Moth, Kalijiri, Ajmo, Parsley, Nagodna B, Trikatu, Nasotar, Nepalana B, Limboli Minj, Bavchina B- each 50-50 grams, Vavding and Anantmool ) Take 50-50 grams, grind it finely and fill it in a glass bottle.

Dosage: Take this medicine in the amount of 10 grams daily in the morning and evening with cold water.

Uses: This medicine cures all types of worms, scabies, itching, itching, etc., incurable wounds, leprosy, canker sores, fistulas, scabies, scabies etc. It is also beneficial in indigestion, jaundice, gout and inflammatory diseases. (Reference: Nagarjuna Samhita)

(7) Nimbasatva: Make the inner bark of Neem completely sweet, very crushed like its sauce (kalk), keep it soaked in 20 times water in a pot overnight. In the morning, rub it with your hands so that it starts foaming like milk. When all the sap of the bark has soaked into the water and only the husk grows behind it, filter the water with a clean cloth. Then leave the pot for 12 hours so that the Neem juice accumulates on the bottom of the pot. Then slowly drain the water from the top of the vessel, separate the bottom part of the vessel, dry and collect the powder. This is ‘Nimbasatva’.

This Neem extract is an excellent remedy for chronic fever. When chronic fever is not cured by any treatment, this sap can be taken with honey every morning and evening for 5 to 6 days in 10 days. If the medicine is taken daily for 20 days, the body will become radiant. Children who have become more vulnerable to chronic fever as well as those who have a sore throat also benefit from this medicine.

(8) Neem salts: Burn the almond almanac, get it in 3 times the amount of ash it burns and keep it in a clean pot for 3 days. Keep shaking the pot 2-3 times a day. Then on the third day drain the water, strain it and boil it in an iron pan or steel cauldron on fire. When the water burns, collect the salt from below and fill the bowl. That is - Neem salt. Giving 1/2 to 1 dose of this salt with water 2-3 times a day destroys all kinds of fevers especially malaria.

(9) Nimayog: Neem leaves alone or powder made by taking Neem leaves and amla in combination, daily consumption of 5 to 6 grams with ghee for a short time destroys explosives, sores, sores, itching and leprosy. (Yogaratnakar Granth)

(10) Nimbadi Gutika: Neem bark, Patolpatra, Indrajav, Triphala, Moth, Ginger. Take 50-50 grams each of this. Pour a liter of water and boil. Strain when one-eighth is left. Then put 20 grams of stone in it and put it in a pot and keep the mouth closed with cloth. After 1 month, remove it, mix in it pure Manshil, Mocharas, Amla, Vanslochan, Kakadashing and Bhoringani powder 20-20 grams and a quarter of all its weight, Nasotar powder, get enough honey in it, make tablets like its peas. Taking 1 to 2 tablets with milk or water in the morning and evening destroys jaundice, jaundice and fever. (Bharatiya Bhaishjya Ratnavali-Granth)

(11) Nimb Vati: Collect 1 part of Neem leaf stalks, 1/2 part of saffron and cloves, make a bowl with water and make 3-4 tablets of it, dry it in the shade. Dosage: Taking 4 to 5 drops of the medicine with hot water cures pains like vomiting, anorexia, colic, excessive thirst and cold.

(12) Strengthening Yoga: Sweeten the finely dried yellow leaves of Neem, keep them in a mortar, extract the juice of fresh green leaves of Neem in it, put it in 5 or 21 bhavna (put), dry it, prepare the powder. This is an excellent chemical herb. Its quantity is 1 to 2 grams. Serving it with water is very beneficial for physical weakness, chronic fever, biliary disorders, delusions, jaundice, fever, stomach worms, night blindness, anemia etc. (N. U.)

(13) Nimbark (Neem extract): Take 500 grams of Neem flower and keep it in an enamel or steel cauldron, get 2 liters of fresh water in it, after 2 hours boil it and extract its extract through steam machine. Consumption of 5 to 20 grams of this extract destroys indigestion, fever, blisters, anorexia, anorexia, worms and leukemia. (N. Chi. Vs.)

(14) Tincture Neem or Nimbakasav: Take 50 grams of fresh Neem bark powder, get 500 ml of rectified spirit in it, keep it in a glass bottle and keep it in the sun for 3 days, then strain it with flannel or blotting paper and fill the bottle. Getting 10 to 20 drops of the medicine in a little water and giving it to the patient gives immediate relief in weakness, thirst, cough, diarrhea etc. caused by malaria fever. It is used in place of quinine. It can be given in 3 doses day and night.

(15) Nimb Varuni (Tadi: Mad) [Vataraktadinashak]: Bring 2 liters of fresh Neem tadi, put it in a strong earthen pot and put 50 grams of ginger in it. Then add 500 grams of new jaggery. Then mix 200 grams of Neem bark with sugar inside. Then close its mouth, bandage it, and bury it in the ground. Make it so big that everything comes in half. Because when it comes to fermentation, there should be space for it. After 3 days, take the pot out of the ground and extract the extract through a steamer. The quantity of this varuni is 10 to 20 grams. The rule of drinking evenly after a meal removes gout, itching, blisters, leprosy, hives, nausea and phlegm-induced arthritis. This is also beneficial in The Early Leprosy. (N. U.)

(16) Nimbadi Dhrit: To take 200-200 grams of sugar each from Neem bark, throat, ardusi, patolpatra and bhoringani. Then boil it in 2 kg 50 g water. When Ashtamansh is left to boil, strain it and add 1 liter of Thee and Kalipath, Vavding, Deodar, Gajpipar, Javkhar, Sajikhar Ginger, Turmeric, Variyali, Chavya, Kath, Malkankani, Black Pepper, Indrajav, Parsley, Kadu, Shuddha Bhilam , Majith, Ativish, Kalihari (Vachhnag) root and ajmo to take 10-10 grams each. Click it all (chutney), get 200 grams of pure Google in it. Then cook it, prepare it and strain it. 10 to 20 grams of this daily increases gastritis and destroys joints, bones and cerebral leprosy, varicose veins (tumors), tumors and fistulas. (Vagbhatt)

(17) Panchatikta Dhrita: At present, these doctors use it especially in practice, especially in the treatment of serious dermatitis. Neem bark, bitter gourd leaves, small bhoringani, throat and ardusi bark should be taken in 500 gm each, half-baked sugar, boiled in 2 liters of 20 ml water. When the remaining quarter is left, strain it through a cloth, add 50 grams of ghee and 150 grams of triphala kalk in it and prove ghee on anorexia. Take 2 gms to 10 gms of this ghee twice a day with sugar or first meal before meal. This ghee destroys diseases like leprosy, flatulence, bile, phlegm, ulcers, varicose veins, goiter, fistula, worms, hemorrhoids and all kinds of coughs. (Bhai. R. Ch. D., Bangsen)

(18) Neem oil (A): Boil 1,20 gms of cleaned Neem leaves, turmeric and 20-30 gms of nasotar in 2 liters of water. When a quarter is left, take it off. Then add 20 grams of sesame seeds and 4 grams of sesame oil Get a liter and prepare the oil over low heat. Applying this oil on all types of ulcers as a fire cleanses the wound. The pus inside comes out. His experiment also healed very rotten wounds. Wash and clean the ulcer first with a decoction of Neem leaves and triphala. Then apply this oil and bandage it. So even deep wounds will heal in a few days. (D. V. V. 5)

(19) Neem oil (B): Take 200 gms of Neem oil, 2 liters of Neem leaf juice and 500 gms of Neem root pulp, collect everything and cook it on medium heat. External use of this oil cures green-dry itching, shingles, eczema, white leprosy, gout, earache and gouty skin diseases like gout. (N. U.)

(20) Nimb oil (C): Lemongrass oil 1500 gm, hartal 5 gm, mana sheel 5 gm, jasmine leaves, majith, jethi honey, bhilama, agar, sandalwood powder and cardamom are taken in 50-50 gm each, clicked in oil Get it Then in it 4 || Squeeze a liter of buttermilk, heat oil and cook. Usage: This Neem oil is especially useful for external application in fistulas, non-healing wounds and all skin diseases. It also kills the herpes zoster. (Cio. No.)

(21) Panchgun oil: This oil is one of the most useful dressing oils of doctors. Take 50-50 grams of Harde, Baheda, Amla, 200 grams of Neem leaves and 150 grams of Nagod leaves and take all the semi-sugar. Get it all in 2 liters of water and boil it. When a quarter of the water is left, boil it. Then add 500 grams of sesame oil and 50-50 grams of googly, resin, shilaras, berjo and wax, cook over low heat and prepare the oil, strain it. Then get 2 grams of carbolic acid and 20 grams of camphor in it. Instead of the last two medicines, it is mixed with turpentine oil and 3-4 grams of eucalyptus oil to make it more effective.

Usage: As this oil cools, it becomes thick like ointment (lotion). When it comes to massaging, it is more beneficial to use a little warm curry. Applying this oil cures flesh waste, bleeding, fleshy wounds, pus, wound healing, burns, bleeding from wounds, earaches, earaches etc. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only medicine which can cure gastric ulcer most effectively. (C. Yo. No.)

Use of Neem in other herbs: Neem is used in many external herbs like Ayurveda's Jatyadi Dhrita, Nasakrimihar Dhrita, Dermatological Oil, Narayan Oil, Wound Oil, Mahavishgarbha Oil.

(22) Nimbadi ointment (A): Take 200 gms of Neem leaf juice and cook it in 100 gms of cow ghee on low heat, prove the ghee, get 50 gms of wax in it and strain it with a cloth. When it is a little hot, mix 10 grams of Rasakpur (poisonous) medicine in it and make an ointment. This ointment cleanses and heals every wound, old and new.

(23) Nimbadi Balm (B): Take 500 gms of Neem oil and heat it in an iron pan. Get 200 grams of resin powder, 20 grams of odorless powder in it. When everything is well heated, take it down and put it in a wide bowl filled with water. After five minutes, collect the ointment floating on the water with a spoon, wrap it in a cloth and strain it. Then soak it in 200-200 grams of water and wash the ointment 50 to 100 times. Then put it in a jar. This is an excellent ointment for burns. It removes burns, burns, decay etc. It speeds up the healing and healing process.

(24) Nimbadi Balm (C): Take 200 gms of Neem oil and 200 gms of Neem leaf juice and cook in an iron pan. When 30 g of juice is left, mix 100 g of wax in it, take it down (after the wax has melted) and strain it. Then get 20 grams of fine powder of Neem root and 2 grams of Neem leaf ash in it. This ointment is an excellent remedy for poisonous organisms and animal bites. It is used for both wound healing and wound healing. Toxins are eliminated. (N. U.)

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