Sore throat


Frequent drinking of very cold water, or drinking cold water immediately after drinking a hot substance, speaking out loud, singing loud songs, etc. causes sore throat. Sometimes eating too much sweets can also cause noise. Sometimes the patient also has a persistent cough. Often all of these problems are caused by a problem in the sound-producing tube.

The disease can also be caused by living in a very cold place, feeling cold or due to improper diet.


At night, eating 10 to 12 kalamari patasha with a key and sleeping on a warm quilt also opens up the sound of sitting due to salakham.

Dip one and half teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water and rinse with water to clear the throat and open the voice.

Rinsing with salt in hot water opens up the sitting sound.

Ajmo and sugar dipped in water, after heating the water, drinking it opens the throat.

Dip half a gram of asafoetida in warm water and rinse with water to open the closed throat.

Adding a little salt in onion juice with lukewarm water opens the throat.

Doing this experiment for a week also makes the sound sweeter.

Taking turmeric and jaggery with lukewarm water makes the sound clear in twenty four hours.

Drinking a decoction of ginger, mint, cinnamon and green tea clears the phlegm and clears the throat.

Eating three to four kalamari with sugar clears the throat.

Chewing jethi honey and powdered sugar during the day clears the throat in twenty four hours.

Rinsing with garlic juice in warm water clears the throat and opens the voice.

If the throat is sore and it is very difficult to speak, chewing 10 to 15 basil leaves will open the fold only after half an hour.

Dipping lemon juice in lukewarm water, adding a little salt and rinsing opens the throat and all the problems are removed.

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