Some invaluable prescriptions (cures)

Give lemongrass juice as well as tomato juice to a person who has low blood pressure and is slowly weakening his body, it will remove the weakness and he will start working again.

Appetite also decreases when digestion is reduced. This leads to many weaknesses in the body, not even getting a good night's sleep. The disease is cured by giving lemon juice to a person in a glass of warm water every morning and evening.

Chronic constipation:
Constipation is the cause of all diseases, it should always be avoided. Such patients are advised to drink two lemon juice with two teaspoons of sugar daily to get relief immediately.

Strain the lemon juice into a clean cloth and add the olive oil. Then get 2 grams of glycerin in it and keep injecting it in the anus at night. It cures hemorrhoids.

Flu is seen everywhere nowadays. Health is so widespread that cheap medicine is needed to treat it, which every man can keep at home. Those who have been affected by this disease get honey with lemon juice and take it twice a day, the patient benefits in just three days.

Sore throat:
If the throat becomes sore or sore, rinse it three to four times with salt in lemon juice to get rid of the disease.

People who are very fat have a lot of weight and suffer from it. Even for getting up and sitting down, these people become helpless, even if they walk or work a little, they feel tired and short of breath.

They are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of this obesity. Spend thousands of rupees. Show a very common cure for them.

Getting a lemon and a pinch of salt in lukewarm water and drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning reduces obesity. It is better to add salt or black salt.

Dental hygiene:
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. This one-of-a-kind toothpaste will be ready. Rubbing this on the teeth three-four times a day, even if there are any dirty teeth in a month, it will be very clean and shiny and all the diseases of the teeth will be destroyed. Bad breath will go away and teeth will become stronger.

Acne can be cured by applying lemon juice in glycerin four times more than lemon juice.
Take a teaspoon of cream and add lemon juice to it and apply it on the mouth to get rid of acne, and beauty shines on the face.

To remove whole numbers:
Dip two drops of lemon juice in rose water and apply it in the eyes every day. It brightens the eyes. As well as eye numbers descending.

The disease has been spreading around the world for the past few years. In some countries, the disease is spreading like wildfire. The only simple way to avoid this is to use an orange every day.

Kidney disease:
Drinking 1 or 2 oranges in warm water on an empty stomach in the morning or by making its juice cures kidney disease.

Many people today suffer from gallstones, which also have side effects on other parts of the body. This has a bad effect on the kidneys. Doctors have only one cure for this, and that is surgery. In my opinion, doctors have the final cure, but there are many treatments before this.
Such patients should take one apple juice daily before meals. Even those who do not have gallstones should drink 1 apple juice daily. This will prevent them from getting gallstones in the future.

For memory:
Nowadays people's memory is very low. Apples are a natural gift, especially for those who work with the brain. An apple taken daily with cow's or goat's milk greatly enhances memory.


Children are always exposed to diarrhea and dysentery. Some babies even get vomiting and diarrhea after drinking milk. Feeding apple juice to such children in a short period of time by stopping the milk stops diarrhea and vomiting and destroys the ailments.

Loss of appetite:
People who do not feel hungry can take a sour apple juice and mix it in a glass and drink it twice a day.

To eradicate stomach germs:
Prepare the mango powder by frying it well. Give half a teaspoon of this powder in warm water to a person who has germs in his stomach. Insects will be destroyed.

Teeth of young children:
Young children have a lot of trouble when it comes to teeth. Not only this, other diseases also apply to children. That is why if the child's teeth start coming, keep giving him grape juice 2-3 times a day. Teeth will come easily.

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