On hot days, there is a sudden flow of blood from the nose which we call snoring.

Bleeding from the nose can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as by eating spicy foods and eating salty or spicy foods.

Apart from this, sometimes when the outer part of the nose is injured, blood also starts coming out from the nose. Or snoring can occur even if the inside of the nose is injured.

Snoring can also be caused by heat, high blood pressure, anxiety or weakness. This is especially true for people with vitamin C deficiency.


A person who has a runny nose should be put to bed immediately in a cool place, and the gloves on his feet should be taken off so that body heat can escape through the bottom.

With the help of thumb and forefinger, the root of the nose should be shaken for a while to stop the flow of blood.

Rogininak and head should be covered with ice or a cold water bandage. In addition the patient should sniff something cold. Soaking a rose flower or khas in cold water and sniffing it reduces the heat inside the nose and gives a lot of relief to the patient.

Breaking the mango's throat, removing the juice from the throat and putting drops in the nose stops the flow of blood.

Getting lotus ash in honey and licking it also benefits the patient a lot.

Kher, Kachnar, Semla and Priyangua all four flowers are mixed together in a bowl of honey and licked.

A person who has a runny nose and puts a leopard on the ground and drips crushed onion juice in his nose also stops the flow of blood.

People who suffer from frequent snoring should eat fruits rich in vitamin C. Such as pomegranate, mango, green grape etc.

The patient with nasal congestion should use old rice, mug, lentils, prawns, marmalade, vegetables, milk, coconut water, fresh copra etc. in large quantities.

For such a patient, substances that increase body heat are very harmful. Therefore, chilli, jaggery, urad, garlic, eggplant as well as intoxicants should be avoided.

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