Snake bite

Snake bites are sometimes the cause of suspicion. Even though the snake has not bitten, many people become frightened and become unconscious due to its suspicion. In addition, not all snakes are venomous. Most are non-venomous, so non-venomous snakes do not die despite bites.

To diagnose a snake bite, one must first check the bite site. If you have seen a snake, have two molars, there is a clear symptom like a soy hole sitting inside the molar at a short distance, there is swelling on the top, there is blood on the bite site, the surrounding color has turned green or black, all the symptoms are painful. Should be checked, in a few minutes the patient begins to recover. The tongue begins to darken, the eyes become pale and pale. The patient also becomes unconscious.

Since there are many types of snakes, different symptoms are also seen. Phanidhar snake bites are black in color and cause flatulence. Mandali (dotted) snake bites are yellow, swollen, fluffy and biliary disorder, while rajiman (lined) snake bites are stable, swollen, white and sticky. Thick blood comes out of it, and all the disorders are caused by phlegm. Darvikar i.e. black snake (cobra) is terrible in all. Snake venom is also very deadly. In snakebite to do the following possible treatment immediately.

  • Encouraging the patient, reassuring those around. To remove if people are wrapped up.
  • Tie a tight rope around the top of the bite (in the direction of the bite and the heart). (Keep it for a maximum of 20 minutes and do not release it suddenly without releasing the venom.)
  • Cut off the bite and shed all the black blood.
  • Put a spoonful of ghee on the bite and burn the poison. If there is no ghee and then burn it with fire alone.
  • A person who knows how to suck and does not have a sore in the mouth or teeth should suck the wound and spit out the poison.
  • Drink as much heated ghee as possible. Drinking plenty of ghee and vomiting a lot will get rid of the toxins.
  • Squeeze liquid clay, dung or cow urine and give a glass of pie.
  • If a snake bites or immediately bites any brick, stone, pile, etc. that appears in front of it, this is a quick cure to prevent the poison from spreading further in the body. Because the effect of the poison in that thing is gone.
  • Aritha's foam is eye-catching and Aretha's water pie is made to vomit a lot.
  • Grazing neem, if poisoned, does not look bitter. Even spicy substances like pepper do not look spicy. If the bite of Nagarvel turns black due to chopping on the bite of the bodice, it should be considered poisonous.
  • It is also effective to induce vomiting by drinking neem juice and drinking plenty of rice juice.
  • Get the top juice. Apply its bean on the bite. Apply 10 grams of bee bowl and 100 grams ghee on top.
  • If you are drowsy, keep splashing water on your eyes, rubbing pepper, rubbing water on your eyes.
  • Drink one pound of Mindhal powder in water and make it vomit.
  • Shake and scatter the seeds of Nepal.
  • Pour 10-15 cups of wormwood (sapolia) in its water.
  • Bhilama tetathichiri, oil comes out and stick that part of it on the hot bite. Experiment with four or five bhilamas in this way.
  • Drink banana juice.
  • Take 5 grams of Surati tobacco powder and mix it in 100 ml fern oil.
  • Bleeding by opening the vein.
  • Seek urology.
  • Blowing the wind, sprinkling water on the eyes, not letting sleep come.
  • Give a sharp nasal spray, inhale the powder of pepper, shirish and sargwana bee in the nose.
  • 5-6 Sanjeev's pill was soaked in ghee for half an hour.
  • Take the juice of the aghada and rub its root on the bite.
  • Putting clay on the bite, keeping that limb pressed into the clay.
  • Keeping the anus of a hen or a pigeon on the bite site. It will suck the poison. Replacing eight to ten hens.
  • Getting 5 grams of alum powder in 20 grams of ghee and giving it to the pie does not increase the poison.
  • Give 1-1 gram of Aretha Gar and Rinchi Shiro in ghee every two hours, only three times.
  • Use of aphrodisiac dhrita in pan, anjan, massage and basti.
  • If the poison is too high and the patient is unconscious, use the pipe like this.

To lengthen the patient's legs and keep the hands on the floor and to hold his hands, feet, back, shoulders, head etc. in such a way that they do not move Break off a fine, green and long-stemmed leaf and immediately hold it between the thumb and forefinger without wiping and let it slowly go into the patient's ear. To do. Then put another leaf in the same way in the other ear. Doing this will make the patient scream a lot, try to escape but continue the experiment by holding on tight without fear, without getting tired. In ten to twenty minutes the unconscious patient comes to consciousness! Replace leaves if necessary. (Destroy extracted leaves as they are toxic.)

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