A few years ago our homes were used a lot as a sleeping mask; It was also often used as a medicine; But due to its pungent and bitter taste, its use has decreased a lot at present. Realizing the virtues of this bed, we should increase its use again. Every good and wholesome thing should be tasted.

Suva is bitter, spicy, digestive, greasy, hot, light and useful for flatulence. It cures cough, inflammation, fever, eye diseases, colic, vomiting, ulcers, diarrhea and so on. It also cleanses the blood.

(1) Above Vatvikar: Mix Suwa, Hing and Sindhav powder with a teaspoon of water.
(2) Applying Suva, Hing and Sindhav powder in a bowl destroys rheumatism, rheumatism and osteoarthritis.
(3) On diarrhea: Take Suwa and fenugreek powder with yoghurt.
(4) For diarrhea odor: Take Suwa and fenugreek powder with curd or buttermilk.

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