Skin diseases (itching)


Getting fresh coconut water and tomato juice and massaging it relieves itching.

Massage lemon juice and jasmine oil evenly to relieve itching.

Rubbing an orange peel on a stone (with water) and applying it on the body removes any old itch.

Applying jasmine oil on the skin stops itching.

Heat a little sesame oil and massage it on the body to get rid of itching in a few days.

Cut the lemon, add salt and dry the lemon. Then take dried lemon powder in the morning and it is very beneficial in itching.

After rubbing black pepper and sulfur in a mortar and pestle, applying it on the body and then sitting in the sun for a while relieves itching.

Applying karela root instead of itching stops itching.


Take five grams of camphor, one gram of sulfur and prepare a bowl of ointment in a mortar with a little kerosene.

Rubbing a large herb with vinegar and applying it on the scalp will get rid of scabies and itching in a few days.

Frequent application of mint juice on the stairs removes the stairs.

Dip tamarind seeds in a bowl of lemon juice and the stairs will disappear in a few days.

Bathing the patient with neem leaves with warm water removes the scabies.

Applying guar leaf juice and garlic juice on the stairs removes the stairs.


The patient should not eat oily, heavy, greasy foods as well as milk, yoghurt, buttermilk, meat etc.

Take a shower immediately after coming out of the sun or after a lot of hard work.

Nylon as well as airtight clothing should not be worn. Instead, wear loose, cotton clothes.

Clean clothing should be worn. Nails should also be trimmed.

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