Severe headache

Headaches are caused by constipation, acid reflux, fever, eye weakness, migraine, heat, extreme cold, anxiety, grief, awakening, overeating, overwork, transgression, addiction, etc.

For all these reasons, colic can be divided into three types, namely vattaj, pittaj, kafaj m Vataj Shir: hot, greasy stable in the shool; Treatment of hot, sharp, dry, etc. in bile cold and phlegm gives true and complete result, however any of the following remedies will be successful in any type of headache.

  • Severe headache Dwij Ras 1/2 gram (2-3 tablets) twice in water. Two hours apart.
  • Mahalakshmi Vilas Raas 1/2 gram (1-1 tablet) twice per hour in honey or water.
  • 1 to 2 tablets of painkillers in water at intervals of four hours.
  • Godanti bhasma 1/2 gram (2-3 tablets) twice in water, for two hours.
  • Apamargakshar 1/2 gram + Godanti bhasma 1/2 gram dissolved in water for half an hour, twice.
  • For further study on headaches, the inquirer should read the booklet "Shir: Shool" by this author.
  • If there is constipation, give Harade, Triphala or Ashwa Kanchuki.
  • If you have tingling due to wind, massage five times oil on your forehead. Injecting hexagonal oil or mustard oil. Heat nagod, almond, castor, figure or sargwana leaves and tie on top.
  • If the head is sore and hot due to bile, fever or heat, rub ghee, put it in water, make mud, apply Dashang lap or put ghee drops in the nose.
  • If you have a headache with a cough or a cold, sniffing ginger, my or nutmeg, or blowing the first nasal spray; Apply Ginger, Pepper, Trikatu, Taj, Clove, Vaj, Ajma or Doshaghna on the forehead. Ginger drops dipped in milk.
  • If there is permanent headache or headache due to eye disease, take Pathyadi decoction daily.
  • Shir: Don't get used to the market pills available for colic.
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