Scorpion venom

Since everyone is familiar with scorpion venom, we should start treating it:

  • Apply ointment on the sting by rubbing the seed of Nirmali or stick the rubbed seed on the sting. In five to ten minutes the toxin will be released and the B will be eliminated automatically.
  • To chop the root bowl of Adheda and to chew its leaves.
  • Amblio- Rub the crumbs on the sting or stick it like Nirmali's seed.
  • Apply salt to the eye.
  • Put onion drops in the ears.
  • Hold the key to the horse, keep it in the mouth, blow in the ear.
  • Burn the lantern and dam it with its sharp sting. The poison will go away in a few minutes.
  • Sniff the black bhangra leaf corset. It takes effect immediately.
  • Apply a thick layer of Nepalese letter.
  • Apply Aretha foam in the eye and apply water on it.
  • Make a cut in the place of the scorpion's bite and spread the blood. Tie a hard rope in the upper part.
  • If the mango vanziomor is mashed by hand, the scorpion descends immediately by inoculation of the scorpion venom by hand.
  • Apply rice pulp on the bite and squeeze the juice.
  • Eat ghee and sugar and apply ghee on the bite. Rub ghee in as many places as you can.
  • If the patient has become unconscious due to the bite of a deadly scorpion, take a kilo of basil leaves and squeeze its juice on the body.
  • Do not let the patient sleep. Eating salt (this rule applies to all poisons)
  • The original key of Kasundri-Sundarsen-Kasmard is blown into the patient's ear and the scorpion comes down.
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