Salt is known as 'Sabras'. Without it, the consonant will look pale, not only that, the body needs it. Without it the concentration in the blood increases and there is a defect in the blood circulation. Salt does not allow such a situation to arise. However, be careful not to increase the amount of salt. If the amount of salt in the blood increases, the blood clotting reaction decreases. If this happens, it will be difficult to stop the bleeding if something starts to bite or fall. Hence symmetrical use of salt is essential.
There are five types of salt in total, but there are usually two types of salt in almost all households - plain white salt (sea) and the second Sindhav or Sindhalun. It is a mineral salt. Other types are manipulative. Using it in any dish makes it more delicious. While Bidalvan and Vadangaru salt are not commonly used.

Salt is sweet, pungent, heavy, flammable, expectorant, healing, astringent, hearty, true, analgesic and flavorful. Eating too much can cause premature graying of hair. It also has a sweetening effect on digestion. It is laxative in excess. Also damages blood, flesh, fat etc. It also damages the airways. Eating too much can cause heartburn in the abdominal organs. If this condition persists for a long time, anemia, headache, spermatogenesis, joint pain, urinary incontinence etc. can occur.

(1) If the throat is swollen and sticky, rinse with warm salted water.
(2) In case of cold, runny nose, pneumonia etc., nasal diseases should be treated with salt water.
(3) If vomiting occurs, it is beneficial to take salt and pepper powder.
(4) Boiling salt in hot water reduces fever.
(5) Stomach ache and colic are relieved by taking ajmani with salt.
(6) In case of constipation, by drinking lukewarm salt water while sleeping at night, defecation is cleared in the morning.
(7) If you have worm problems, add salt to ginger and lemon juice and drink it every morning and night after waking up.
(8) If there is urinary incontinence, drinking cold salted water for a few days cleanses the urine.
(9) Applying a bandage of salt water on the wound does not heal the wound and heals it quickly.
(10) In case of sore teeth and swollen gums, rinse with salt water three-four times a day.
(11) Rinsing with salt water after eating anything does not cause tooth decay.
(12) If anything is bruised, bruised or sprained, it is better to apply a bowl of salt and turmeric.
(13) Rubbing salt on the sting of a bee, a yellow dance or any other insect relieves pain.

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