This is a terrible infectious disease. Which is spread through flies.

As soon as the patient becomes infected, he / she starts getting diarrhea, vomiting, shin pains, frequent thirst, urinary retention, heavy sweating and all these causes cause salt deficiency in the body.

Thin yellow diarrhea occurs early on. Then white diarrhea begins.

When vomiting occurs, initially the undigested food in the stomach comes out.


People who can't control their eating and drinking and fall like hungry wolves on the food or favorite things lying in front of them. Such people suffer from excessive health.

Apart from this, those who eat dirty water, rotten or very ripe fruits, stale food, oily substances or exposed substances as well as heavy indigestible substances are more prone to this disease.

In the onset of the disease, the patient has severe pain and constriction in the fingers and toes, pain in the thighs and calves, loosening of the fingers and toes, wrinkles, and very little urination and yellowing. Is.

The tongue becomes white and the taste is bitter. Drinking as much water as you like does not quench your thirst.

Absolutely white diarrhea without any pain, frequent vomiting and even fainting.

If such a patient is not given proper treatment immediately, he may lose his life.


Take five grams of asafoetida, 10 grams of katho, 10 grams of fresh neem leaves, make tablets like chickpeas in basil juice. Taking one tablet four times a day with rose water (with rose water) is very beneficial in rinsing.

Make ten tablets of kalamari, ten rattis of asafoetida roasted in ghee, eight rattis of opium together and make twelve tablets. Taking one tablet three to four times a day with water is very beneficial to the patient.

Giving three drops of clove oil with sugar or patasa gives a lot of benefits to the patient.

Nutmeg powder is obtained in ten grams round and mixed in three ml. Making a gram pill, giving one pill to the patient every half an hour and drinking lukewarm water on top of it stops diarrhea.

Get a nutmeg powder in 100 ml oil and heat it over low heat. Once it is heated, take it down. Now apply this oil on the patient's body and massage it.

Frequent drinking of onion juice relieves the patient of this disease.

As soon as the disease is applied, giving the patient an onion juice of half a hing every half an hour is very beneficial.


Do not allow indigestion in the patient of this disease. Always eat fresh and hot food, drink mint, onion, old tamarind, lemon juice in the meal.

Put disinfectant tablets in drinking water and drink only after boiling.

Revealed dishes sold in the market should not be eaten. Cold, stale or exposed food should not be eaten.

False awakenings should not be done at night. As well as not drinking too much tea-coffee.

Immediately pour the patient's feces, urine and vomit into a deep pit.

Give any of the patient's items to another person for use.

Keep the patient's bed and glass or other utensils separate.

Keep a clean environment where healthy.

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