Rabies poison

Dogs, foxes, horses, humans, etc. tend to have rabies in animals with saliva. The most common of these rabies is seen in dogs. A rabid dog's wax is constantly dripping with saliva, its tail is straightened, it is constantly running or eating in a state of insanity like a madman. Everyone who comes along the way is spared.

Get rid of rabies as soon as possible:

  • Squeeze the crushed ghee in place of the bite.
  • Dam the bite.
  • Let the poisoned blood flow.
  • Get the vermilion in the milk of the figure and bandage it.
  • In dry sesame waste, get 40-50 grams of jaggery, sesame oil and figure milk and give it as a chickpea tablet 2-3 times in the morning and evening.

If proper treatment is not given immediately after rabies, the poison erupts within six months, the tridosha becomes deformed and rabies starts suddenly, which is very difficult to cure. Give immediate home remedies like this:

  • Dip one foot into warm milk.
  • Dip one foot into warm milk.
  • Kharsani Thorne Bafi its 50 to 100 min. Ltd. Drain the juice and add as much ghee as possible. It will cause diarrhea and remove toxins.
  • Sprinkle 5 gms of white satodi root and 1 gm of Datura root in cold water or cold milk daily.
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