When the disease first occurs, the gums begin to swell, turn red, bleed, cause pain even when a finger is placed, and begin to produce foul odors as grain particles fill between the gums and the teeth. Which causes pyorrhea. Odor starts coming from the mouth and breath of the patient with this disease. The taste in the mouth deteriorates, the tongue looks dirty.

The patient's stomach does not clear, gradually digestion deteriorates, constipation begins, teeth become weak, foul pus produced at the roots of the teeth also begins to come out. It affects the throat, mouth, lungs and other organs. Which causes disorders in other parts of the body.

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After brushing your teeth every morning, you should get mustard oil and salt and massage it on the teeth and gums with your fingers. Or put it on the gums with Rs. This experiment should also be done before going to bed at night.

Dip the bark of the pipal tree in water and boil it properly. Rinsing with water is very beneficial.

Applying lemon juice lightly on the teeth or on the gums stops the bleeding and makes the teeth shiny.

Brushing teeth with salt and acacia charcoal protects against many dental diseases.

Rubbing salt in fern oil on the teeth is also very beneficial in pyorrhea.

In case of toothache in pyorrhea, it is very beneficial to get camphor in desi ghee and apply it on the teeth in the morning and evening and salivate.

Getting five grams of bamboo camphor powder in castor oil (500 ml), mixing it in (100 ml) honey and mixing it all together and applying it on the teeth with finger is very beneficial.

Teeth should be cleaned thoroughly regularly to prevent this disease. Excessive hot or cold drinks, ice cream, excessive chocolate, ice cream and ice products should not be taken.

Never drink cold food or cold water immediately after eating hot food.

Rinse immediately after a meal to take care of your teeth.

Pomegranate, steeped black chickpeas, fresh coconut husk, raw fruits, sugar cane are also very beneficial for teeth.

Never try to break a hard or cold object with your teeth. Have your children brush their teeth regularly and avoid highly sugary foods.

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