Pepper is also known as ‘hot’. It is famous everywhere for its qualities. Every household has a regular consumption of pepper. In foreign countries, only pepper is used instead of chilli. There are two types of pepper, black and white. The semi-ripe peppers are peeled and dried. Such peppers are black; When it is fully ripe, the upper bark is easily removed. The pepper that comes out from inside is known as 'white pepper'. We use more pepper there mainly in making papad. It is also used in salads. Green peppers available in salt water can be used directly for cooking.

Analysis of elements
1. Jalatatva - 12.90%
2. Protein - 11.50%
3. Fat - 6.80%
4. Carbohydrate - 49.50%
5. Mineral substances - 4.40%
6. Fiber - 14.90%
7. Calcium - 0.46%
8. Phosphorus - 0.20%
9. Iron - 16.80 mg Per 100 grams
10. Calories - 305 per 100 grams

Peppers are spicy, pungent, flammable, hot, expectorant and antiseptic, hot, biliary and astringent.
Green Pepper: Spicy, sweet, less pungent and hot in essence, heavy, expectorant and chemical. It is not biliary.

(1) By swallowing two-three seeds of white pepper every day, it fights the disease and if it is infected, it prevents it from growing.
(2) On Salekham and Khasi: Take half a teaspoon of pepper powder with ghee and sugar.
(3) On shortness of breath: Take fifteen peppercorns in honey twice a day.
(4) On fever: Take pepper and curry powder twice a day with water. The fever will go down in a day or two. If fever is high, take this powder with warm water three-four times a day.
(5) Second treatment for fever: Take basil leaf juice and pepper powder twice a day.
(6) On vomiting: Take half a teaspoon of pepper powder with a little salt.
(7) On the dead body: Take pepper powder in buttermilk.
(8) On the eyelid: Apply finely chopped pepper powder on the eyelid.
(9) When the body is affected by rheumatism: Apply a small bowl of pepper powder on the body.
(10) On headache: Apply a bowl of pepper on the forehead.
(11) On leprosy (allergy): apply it in a fine bowl.
(12) Sore throat or hoarseness: Take pepper powder with ghee after meal.
(13) To avoid flatulence: Mix pepper powder with garlic.
(14) For all types of fever: Mix one teaspoon of pepper powder with two glasses of water and two teaspoons of sugar and bring to boil. Take off when one eighth (1/4) is left. Drinking this decoction lowers the fever; If necessary, take this decoction the next day as well.

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