Pediatric diseases (eczema)

When small rashes appear on the body of children due to eczema, if it becomes irritated or itchy, rubbing sandalwood on a stone and applying it will be of great benefit.

If a sticky substance comes out after itching due to eczema, get 50 grams of camphor in 100 grams of coconut oil. Then apply this mixture three to four times. There will be a lot of relief.

When children have red rashes due to eczema, apply a bowl of mango. Doing so will relieve the pain in a few minutes.

When the baby's body is itching and inflamed, boil the dried ambala in water. Then lower and let the water cool down. Soaking the cloth in this water and turning the wet cloth on the body of the child will immediately relax.

Let a liter of water heat up. When only a quarter of the water is burnt, cool it and give it to the child every few minutes to quench the child's frequent thirst.

There are many benefits to having honey in a Brahmi's house and drinking it for a child.

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