When there is cataract in the eye, everything is clear to the patient. Then, as the cataract matures, it loses its ability to see.

The disease occurs after the age of about 40 years. A white pearl-like point is produced in the patient's eye instead of a black pupil. Due to which the patient's ability to see is reduced.


The patient's vision is impaired when cataracts occur. Everything looks so vague or just like a shadow. Her eyes could not stand the light. As the days go by the cataracts go away and then the patient cannot even see the closest thing.

In most cases, these cataracts are found in both the eyes. If they are not treated properly at the right time, the patient becomes blind.


There are many benefits to taking some home remedies early on when cataracts occur.

Take aniseed and coriander in equal parts and get brown sugar in it, prepare a powder, take 10 grams of this powder in the morning and evening, it is very beneficial.

Mix almonds with six and seven kalamari seeds in water. Then run to the pasture, then get sugar in this water and drink it.

Heat a teaspoon of crushed coriander in a cup of water, then take it down. When it cools down, put these drops of water in the eye.

Regular consumption of carrot, spinach and amla juice does not increase pearls and after two-three months of continuous experimentation, pearls come down.

Onion juice ten ml, honey 10 ml. And 2 grams of Bhimseni Kapoor. Collect these three items and fill them in a bottle. Applying this mixture to the eyes with a stick before going to bed at night is very beneficial.

When there is eye problem, cow's milk should be drunk in large quantities.

Fenugreek, okra, spinach, bananas, grapes, apples, oranges etc. should also be taken in appropriate proportions.


Cataract patients should avoid excessive light and stress.

Don't eat very spicy, oily, fried, hard, hard things. Don't eat very sour things. Because eating all these substances increases the discomfort.

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