Patented Neem Herbs

Many pharmacies of Ayurveda have made some special patent medicines from Neem. The list is given below.

(1) Neem syrup: Composition: Neem leaf, Neem bark, Neem seed (Lemon), Infinite root, Bakuchi, Guduchi, Kherchal, Triphala and Kanchanar bark. This orange flavored sweet medicine is available in 200 and 50 ml packs. The drug is manufactured by United Pharmaceuticals, New Delhi. It is especially useful in skin diseases like leprosy, psoriasis, scabies, boils, acne, rash, itching, hemorrhoids, goiter, chronic fever, inflammation of the soles of the hands and feet and boosting the immune system.

(2) Nimol Tablet: This is also a product of United Pharma, New Delhi. In which lemon, karanj seed, bakuchi, chanakbab, pure sulfur and rasmanikya powder are prepared with the spirit of triphala, cinnamon, tamal leaves, cardamom, nagkesar, gala, bhangro and ginger. It is available in packs of 100 and 200 tablets. This tablet has dermatological and immunomodulatory properties similar to the properties shown in Nimol syrup.

(3) Clean ‘N’ Clear Capsule: Manufacturer: Dabur India Ltd. New Delhi. Capsules made of 100 mg from Neem leaf extract are available in packs of 3 capsules. The drug is used to treat skin blemishes such as acne, scabies, itching, and rashes; In addition to anemia and inflammation, it is especially used in nutritional deficiencies.

(4) Neem Toothpaste: This ‘Neem Toothpaste’ from The Calcutta Chemical Company Limited (Calcutta: 20008) is made from special Neem. It removes bleeding gums, tooth decay, tooth germs and tooth decay, bad breath etc. and keeps the teeth healthy forever.

(5) Margo Soap: Calcutta's The Calcutta Chemical Co. Ltd. is an ideal and healthy bath soap made from Neem for bathing. Bath is especially beneficial for head lice, lice, dandruff and dermatitis.

(6) Lemon (Nimb) Oil: Gujarat's 'Gujarat Ayurveda Vikas Mandal Pharmacy' (Junagadh), Ahmedabad and Nagarjuna Pharmaceuticals, Ahmedabad-20. Both these pharmacies make and sell pure lemon oil in packs of 50, 100 and 200 ml.

(7) Saif Oil: Ahmedabad's 'Rucha Pharmaceuticals' Ayurvedic Pharmacy specializes in making lemon oil from the Neem bark, karanj bark, Neem bark, triphala, raktachandan, kher bhal, javaso, kokilsar, limboli etc. Especially useful in hair diseases and skin diseases like head lice, lice, dandruff and alopecia. It is available in 50 ml packing.

(8) Neem Soap: Mumbai's famous Swastik Suspectants Ltd. Co. Neem soap has been sold all over India for a long time. It is a standard soap for head lice, rashes, dandruff and skin ailments as well as for health protection.

(9) Neem Soap: Jaswant Soap Industries Co. of Ahmedabad. This makes Neem soap.

(10) Amie: Ami Toilet Soap (Parikh Herbals Ltd. - Pune) is an ideal disinfectant bath soap made from a mixture of Neem and basil.

Note: Apart from this, many organizations of Gandhi Village Industries and many small and big traders also make Neem soap.

In addition, many herbal hair shampoos contain Neem along with other herbs.

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