Ajmo enjoys a place as an important spice in every home. Without it, the kitchen is incomplete. Some of the farsanas become delicious just by adding ajmo Ajmo can be found instinctively everywhere. Eating ajma powder mixed with some aerated items does not cause flatulence, but it also has other benefits.

Ajma green leaves are also very useful. If ajma plant is planted in a pot at home, then after a meal, a few leaves of it can be digested to help digest food better.

Ajma gives off a kind of oil. The oil is cooled and given the form of small thin rods. It is known as Thymol. It is eaten in leaves, especially to cool the mouth. It gives pleasure to the mind and brings a sense of freshness and joy.

Analysis of elements

1. Hydrolysis - 8.90%
2. Protein - 15.40%
3. Fat - 18.10%
4. Carbohydrate - 38.60%
5. Minerals - 7.10%
6. Fiber - 11.90%
7. Calcium - 1.42%
8. Phosphorus - 0.30%
9. Iron - 14.60 mg. Per 100 grams
10. Calories - 397 per 100 grams


Ajmo is sharp, short, hearty, aged, slightly bitter in taste, delicious, hot, flammable, digestive, vomiting, anthelmintic, anthelmintic, antiseptic, heart, spleen, mumps and rheumatism.


(1) On stomach ache: Take one teaspoon of ajma powder twice a day with water.
(2) Indigestion: Take one teaspoon with water. This improves digestion.
(3) On cold sores: (This is a kind of allergy. It causes small rashes on the body.) Take one teaspoon of ajma powder with a few jaggery. This makes the chakta sit.
(4) On cold, runny nose and headache: Take ajmo with warm water while sleeping at night.
(5) On the problem of polyuria: When sleeping at night, sleep with a teaspoon of ajma powder and a teaspoon of sesame seeds.
(6) Cough and phlegm problems: Take ajma powder with hot water to get rid of phlegm and cough. Abandon cold things.
(7) On the other defects of malaria and childbirth: Collect ajma powder and jaggery and take it in a small pan. Mix a glass of water in it and heat it. When the water is burnt and halved, take it down. Drink two teaspoons of the prepared extract morning and evening. This extract will last for three-four days. Reheat while drinking. Taking this extract fortnightly does not cause birth defects in the mother.
(8) In order not to heal the wound: If there is a bruise (or a sting of a new boot or slipper) then make a jaggery and ajmano luvo. Heat it with a heated pan. Heating the tavito two or three times will make the luvo warm. Take it on a piece of cloth and tie it to the wound or bite. Doing this for two-three days will take away the problem.

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