Papadio Kharo (Communications)

Saline is present in every kitchen. It is specially used in making papad and is known as 'papadia khara'. It is also used to make the farsan soft and good. In addition, it is also used sparingly in peas, walnuts and chickpeas. Some women use this specially to wash their hair. Using this while washing the head removes the oil from the scalp quickly and cleans the hair.

It is spicy, heavy, antiseptic and cold.

(1) On the problem of flatulence: By drinking very little water, the flatulence is destroyed and the pain disappears.
(2) On children's sasani: Give as much salt as jaggery in jaggery and milking. This will cause vomiting and cough. Do not give this medicine to a three month old baby.

Special Note: Do not use saline frequently and keep it to a minimum. Do not use salt in stomach and intestinal problems.

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