There are many benefits to using the following remedies when you have pain in your ribs.

Getting lime and honey and applying it relieves the pain.

Applying a bowl of mustard with water on the affected area relieves the pain.

Heat two teaspoons of cumin in a glass of water. Then dip a large cotton cloth in this boiling hot water and take it out. Then shake the area where the pain occurs with this cloth and the pain will disappear in a few minutes.

Saute 100 grams fenugreek coriander. Then add a quarter bowl of black salt. In the morning and evening, by taking a teaspoon of hot water, the unbearable back pain disappears in a fortnight.

Take one gram pure hing in a small bowl and apply it on the ribs after making a juice. The pain in the ribs disappears immediately.

Bake wheat bread on one side. Keep the other side raw. Apply hot fern oil on this raw part and shake it on the sore part of the ribs. Will benefit in a few minutes.

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