Alternative Name :-Toe Balance Pose, Toe to Nose Posture, Padangustasana, pada-Angushtha-Asana, padangushth Asan

Pada means the foot. Angushtha implies the big toe. This posture is characterized by standing and holding the big toes.

How to start OR How to reach the stretch :-

  • From standing, take the feet hip distance apart. Exhale as you fold forward, taking hold of the big toes (see picture above).
  • Inhale as look up to create length in the spine.
  • Exhale and draw the length you've created down into the pose.
  • Gaze back behind you.

How to end OR How to release the stretch :-

  • Stay in this posture for few seconds as per the capacity (approx 20 sec). Breathe normally.
  • Release the posture and relax.

How it help or Benfits of Padangushtasana:-

  • It tones the abdominal muscles, increase digestive juices and help in relieving gastric troubles.

Precaution of Padangushtasana:-

  • Do not do the pose if you have a recent or chronic injury to the legs, arms or shoulders.
  • Be cautious of your hamstrings to not overstretch them in this pose.
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