Other poisons

Generally, ghee should be added to each poison. The top should be applied and the tone of the head should be applied. Sandalwood, clay, turmeric or dashang lap should be applied. Vomiting or excretion should be done. Blood should be drawn from the bite or a cold paste should be applied. It would be beneficial to soak a lemon in hot water, as well as a teaspoon of all the poisons. Do not put the patient to sleep or give him salt. To treat some toxins like this:

  • Mice venom - snakebite. Cookedwell fruit pie with yoghurt to make vomit.
  • Wasp venom - Chop mud, ghee, dashang lap or sandalwood.
  • Opium poison - Drink 5 grams asafoetida in dark buttermilk, 20 min. Ltd. Add 10 grams of alum in milk.
  • Toxic cream - curd cream. Drink mustard juice.
  • Somal poison - 10 grams of alum in water; 10 gm katho 20 min. Ltd. Get it in water and make an equal portion of it, drink it every hour; Vomiting of mint pie; Drink rice juice.
  • Vachhnag Vish - Drink hot cow's milk frequently, drink rice juice. 1/4 gram asafoetida in 100 grams ghee.
  • Cannabis - to put poison in the ear, to mix. Dip 50 gms of ginger in 50 gms of curd.
  • Acid poison - 500 ml. Apply lime water, soap water.
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