Nutmeg is a spice. It has an important place in the kitchen. Without it the kitchen would feel incomplete. Doesn't work without it. Nutmeg is known for its intoxicating aroma.

Analysis of elements
1. Jalatatva - 14.30%
2. Protein - 7.50%
3. Fat - 36.40%
4. Carbohydrate - 28.50%
5. Mineral substances - 1.70%
6. Fiber 1- 1.60%
7. Calcium - 0.12%
8. Phosphorus - 0.24%
9. iron - 4.60 mg of  Per 100 grams
10. Vitamin 'A' - micro Andhra Pradesh. Ra. Per 100 grams per unit
11. calories - 722 per 100 grams

Nutmeg Turmeric, Spicy, Taurus, Dipak, Slightly Bitter, Short, Consumer, Heart, Warm, Beneficial for throat, Mouth odor, Deworming, Cough, Vomiting, Asthma and pinas Beneficial, Tasty, Brightening Is addictive.

(1) On headache: Rub nutmeg and apply on forehead.
(2) On insomnia: Rub nutmeg in ghee and rub it on sin and lick a little.
(3) If children have cold diarrhea, rub nutmeg and ginger in cow ghee and lick it.
(4) On cold and cold: Rub nutmeg and apply on head and nose.
(5) On hiccups and vomiting: Rub nutmeg in milk and drink that milk.
(6) Acne on the face in youth: Rubbing milk in milk and rubbing it on the cheeks.
(7) When the bush does not come down: Drink nutmeg extract in lemon juice.

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