Neem rejuvenation and secret Siddha experiments

What is 'rejuvenation'?

For the attainment of a long and healthy life, the great Pandits and Acharyas of Ayurveda, by the grace of sages and sages, have invented a special effective medicine called 'Rejuvenation Experiment'. Through this experiment, a person rejuvenates or radically changes his or her current body through the specific use of an influential plant. Through this kind of special experiment, even the old become young, long-lived and healthy. It is noted that a special ‘rejuvenation experiment’ of Ayurveda rejuvenates human nails, teeth, hair and skin of the whole body and destroys old age and all diseases. There is a record in Ayurveda and Purana scriptures that the sage named Vriddha-Andh Chyavan was given a new vision and youth by Ashwinikumaro, the Vaidya-brother of the gods, by experimenting with 'rejuvenation'.

(1) Nimb-kalpa experiment: ‘Nimb’ means Neem. Neem is one of the most influential herbs in India. The description of the medicinal effect of this herb is indescribable. Every part (organ) of this tree becomes useful as medicine. Since ancient times, Neem has been used to cure many incurable ailments. In addition to the patient, healthy people also benefit from Neem as an immune-strengthening drug. The best such herbal medicine 'Neem rejuvenation experiment' is presented here.

It is more beneficial to use this Nimbakalp during the months of March-April or October-November. Men should start this kalpa experiment on auspicious days and Sundays, Tuesdays or Thursdays, while women should start auspicious days-yoga on any Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

Like other kalpa-experiments, before starting this kalpa-experiment, the experimenter should clean the stomach by taking laxatives for the first 2-3 days. Follow the following rules with it.

(1) Living in solitude. Not to do other business activity. (Up to 31 days)

(2) Speak softly. Don't get angry, don't speak loudly.

(3) Living in a well-ventilated home. Better if there are Neem all around.

(4) Getting up early in the morning at 6 o'clock in the morning and 10 to 10 at night. Inevitably fall asleep between.

(5) Not watching TV, cinema, drama. Do not see, do not think or do anything that causes agitation or anxiety.

(6) Not to create false awareness, anxiety, degree and special business activities.

(7) To plan so that the mind will always be calm and happy. Listening to favorite melodious songs, reading good literature or scriptures that inspire good ideas. In this too, behave with the limit that labor does not fall more.

Experiment (a): This ‘Nimb Kalp’ experiment of ‘rejuvenation’ is for a total of 21 days. In this experiment, dry fresh leaves of good (ripe) Neem, flower (core) and its outer bark powder weigh 100-100 grams evenly, add enough water in its powder, knead the dough, make a 1-1 gram tablet and dry it. Take this tablet 1-1 tablet twice daily in the morning and evening with fresh water of well or river.

Drink 20 grams of pure cow's milk (fresh or heated) 3 hours after taking the pill. Take milk 3 times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening. In this experiment no food other than milk is to be taken. If you want to take more milk, you can take it according to your digestion. If the milk is not digested as soon as it is taken or the stomach feels heavy after consuming it, then add ginger powder or ginger, pepper, lindy pepper ‘trikatu powder’ to it while heating the milk, keep drinking the heated milk daily.

From the next day the dose of the drug should be increased to 4-5 rati (500 mg) daily. Taking the medicine in this way, the dose of Neem pill on the 7th day is 3 grams, the dose of Neem pill on the 15th day is 5 grams, the dose of Neem pill on the 20th day is 10 || Gram and on the 21st day its quantity will be 15 grams.

From the 7th day onwards, the dose should be less than 1 gram per day. In 3 days the dose of the pill will again be 1 gram. Understand then that this experiment is over.

Experiment Fruit: This ‘Nimbakalp’ experiment gives new freshness to the whole body of a person, will bring coolness and vitality in the body. All heat (bile, hemoptysis) and phlegm will be removed. This experiment cures cough, fever of all kinds, anorexia, diabetes, leprosy, skin diseases, dental and infectious diseases. The body becomes perfectly healthy. This experiment gives a person long-term immunity. Along with that he also gets innovative strength, passion and healthy longevity.

Experiment (b) - Panchang Nimbakalpa: This is a beautiful-noble medicine experiment of disease prevention and rejuvenation by Neem.

For this experiment, when the Neem flower blooms in Chaitra Mass, take its fresh flower and keep it dry. When the lemons are well ripened, collect and dry them too. Then bring the Neem root, its green dry leaves and the outer bark. Mix flowers and lemons (all in equal weight) in it and dry it in the shade, soak it in lukewarm water and let it dry. After it dries, grind it to powder.

Then Chitrak, Vavding, Karanj seeds, Harde, Amla, Kasmard (Kasundro) seeds, Lindi pepper, pepper, turmeric, alcohol and iron ash - all these things should be prepared by taking equal weight (20-20 grams) and making its powder. Then mix the powder of Nimb Panchang mentioned in the same weight in the same powder, give them all the feeling of bhangra juice (put), mix it very well and dry it. Then fill it with sugar, forty bottles.

Seeing this medicine with 10 grams of milk daily on an auspicious day, start taking it at auspicious time.

There is no special diet in this experiment. All kinds of simple-plain-satvik food can be taken. However, eat less chili, salt, oil and hot foods.

This herbal experiment is to be done for a total of 9 days. This medicine cures 12 types of leprosy (skin) diseases of the body. In addition, it cures all ailments of gout, heat and all types of gonorrhea, leprosy. With 3-4 months of experimentation, there is an unprecedented increase in semen in the body.

In addition, the person lives a healthy longevity with this experiment. (In the original scripture, it is written that this experiment will give a lifespan of 200 years.)

This almanac ‘Nimb Rasayan’ experiment is a medicinal experiment that shows immediate effect.

‘Neem’ - is nature’s air conditioner.

It adds moisture to the air. It is a natural plant to continuously absorb carbon dioxide from the air by providing pure oxygen. Neem does the important work of environmental cleansing and health protection-growth that man-made factories cannot do at the cost of millions. We salute such an all-round Neem tree as a friend of the world, what if we plant a few of its trees near us?

(2) Neem's Secret Siddha Sanyasi Experiment:

Monks, saints or ascetics in India often have very unique, secret and accurate experiments in plants, which are rarely shown to anyone except the most deserving disciples.

Such occult experiments have been found, especially with regard to Neem. It is presented here for the readers.

1. Epilepsy: In the rainy season, small green worms are often found on large Neem trees. In Hindi it is called 'Ramka Ghoda'. Collect a few worms, put them in a glass jar and let them dry. Once it is dry, add black pepper in it, fill it in a bowl with a large bowl. When needed (in epileptic seizures) sniff the medicine or blow it into the patient's nose. Just sniffing 3 to 4 times relaxes the patient. Often the disease is eradicated forever with just one nasal spray. This is a secretly accomplished hermit experiment.

2. Aksir Rasayan Guti: Take 50-50 grams each of Neem flower, lemon, Neem bark, Neem gum, triphala, shahjiru, sindhav and gajpipar, make sugar powder, add bamboo leaf juice in it, mix it very well and make 3 tablets. Take 1 tablet daily in the morning with water. Diet: Avoid salt, sour, milk, yogurt and sex. This experiment benefits in two months. In four months, the body is like a young man. In the sixth month, the body gets rid of all the ailments of anemia - white leprosy, syphilis (silver) etc. Doing this experiment throughout the year leads to complete health and longevity.

This is an infallibly impressive secret accomplished hermit experiment. It is an infallible medicine for many physical ailments of the body. It also cures any chronic ailments of the body. Prematurely whitened hair turns black again.

One hermit said about this experiment: ‘Regular use of this medicine makes the hair black in 6 months. Taking it for 6 months makes Srutasari. This experiment rejuvenates. '

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