Neem glue

The trunk and thick branches of the Neem tree produce naturally thick, hard, bright caraba or amber-colored, shiny ‘glue’ (GUM) in the bark.

Properties of Gum: Neem gum is sweet in taste, which dissolves easily in cold water. This glue increases the speed of blood in the body and is powerful. Like acacia gum, it is an excellent herbal medicine.

Medicinal experiments:

 (1) For semen enhancement: Frying Neem gum buds in ghee, getting copra and sugar in it, making ladu and eating it daily will increase a man's semen, strength and nourishment.

(2) For contraception: Take 15 grams of Neem gum and dissolve it in 200 grams of water. Then strain it through a cloth. Then soak a long muslin cloth 1 hand wide in that water and dry it in the shade. Then cut it into round pieces a little bigger than his old rupee and put it in a clean container. Before sexual intercourse, a woman should take 1 piece of it on her finger and arrange it deeply so that it comes over the opening of the vagina. Take off the clothes 1 hour after intercourse (at least). Doing so at every intercourse leads to contraception. During this experiment, a strange kind of arousal occurs in the female genitalia. So that contraception occurs. (However, the use of lemon oil for contraception is excellent.)

Worth knowing

A herbaceous plant called 'Galo' is used in Ayurveda for many ailments. As in ‘chemical’ powder, the throat, the gokharu is amla. This throat climbs any tree. But the ‘throat’ on the Neem tree is considered to be the best, most beneficial of all the virtues.

In the same way, ‘honeycomb’ also sticks to tree branches, mountains, roofs of houses or any other place in many places. But the honey of ‘honeycomb’ collected on Neem trees is considered to be more beneficial and excellent than all other honey.

If an acacia tree is planted on a field, at the edge of a fence or on a fence, it eats away at the nutrients of the soil, leaving the soil uninhabitable. But if Neem is planted, it does not harm the farmland or suck its sap. So farmers or farm owners should plant maximum number of Neem trees in their farms and farms. The waste of its bitter dry leaves is dumped in the pit, its compost is also made, if used, the crop is well protected.

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