Neem flower herb-experiments

The Neem tree is covered with clusters of small white, bitter-smelling flowers. Whenever flowers come on the tree (in Chaitra Mass), the whole tree looks very beautiful with small twinkling strings of flowers in a green sheet.

Properties: Neem flowers (Neem flowers) are good for eyes, aerating, bitter, astringent, nutritious for stomach, bile, phlegm, indigestion, anorexia, worms, poison, anorexia etc.


(1) Neem: Gum and toothache:- Boiling Neem flowers and rinsing it daily strengthens loose teeth. Gum pain, redness, darkening are removed. Tooth decay disappears.

(2) Neem: Cough and bile disorders:- Eating Neem flowers with tamarind and sugar cures cough and bile disorders.

(3) Neem: Anorexia:- Eating a small amount of fresh Neem flowers (with pepper) cures anorexia.

(4) Neem: To prevent vomiting:- Bowling Neem flower in water and applying it on the navel (phlegm-bile) stops vomiting. (N. Gu. V.)

(5) Neem: To increase interest:- Get fresh flowers (after washing in salted water) in chickpea flour, make its fritters and eat it.

(6) Neem: Scorpion sting:- Sniffing fresh Neem flowers releases scorpion venom. Apply a bowl with floral tamarind on the sting.

(7) Neem: Chronic constipation:- Take one eighth of salt in the dried flower of Neem and take 2 grams of medicine at night with lukewarm water, it clears the bushes every day and increases the strength of the intestines.

(8) Neem: Kajal for eye disorders:- Take 1-1 gram of dried Neem flower and its leaves, put it in a piece of clean cloth 2 inches long, make a wick, put it in the lamp, put lemon oil in it, light the lamp, put a clean palm upside down on it, Collect mascara on it. Then get cow ghee in it and knead in a bronze container, add some camphor in it and fill the can. This Kajal cures eye disorders for all, weak and old, and increases light.

(9) Neem: Eye antimony:- In the shade of Neem flowers, get some surokhar and some camphor in the mixture, fight very finely (in kharal) and fill it in a bottle. By rubbing it in the eye every day with a glass rod, eye disorders like puffiness, snoring, dots are removed and the light increases.

(10) Neem: Netra Kandu (itching):- Ring the Neem flower in a fine muslin cloth, make a wick of it, soak it in fern or castor oil, light it, apply mascara, apply it in the eye every day. So the itching of the eye will disappear.

(11) Neem: Anemia:- Consumption of Neem flower juice (with proper ratio) in Chaitra month cures flatulence, bile and phlegm anemia.

(12) Neem: Weakness after fever:- Eat fresh Neem flower with 5 grams of ghee and sugar in the morning and evening. Drinking milk from above weakens the weakness after fever and metallic chronic fever and clears the bush.

(13) Neem: To increase strength:- Make a sprig of Neem flowers and add sugar or honey (if it is suitable according to nature) and drink it for a few days, it cures digestive disorders and increases strength.

Note: Neem flower is used to make sugar cane and meaning, which will be explained later.

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