I remember a year old thing when I was writing about rye. I was a few years old at the time. My mother had been suffering from arthritis for some years. At the same time, his heart was burning. His body was getting cold. It was night time. No doctor in the village. All the families were worried. Someone suggested: rub the mustard bowl all over the body. Immediately the mustard was ground and applied all over the body. Soon the body began to warm up. The heart rate also increased. Feeling a little better. That's why the called doctor also arrived. After the examination, the doctor said, "Now the ambush is over. Turn on this medicine. There is nothing to worry about. ” Thus rye did the work of a great medicine. Then they lived another twelve or thirteen years. Spices are not just for lentils; Also works as a medicine if needed. If we know, we can also make spices at home into medicine.

Analysis of elements:
1. Jalatatva - 8.50%
2. Protein - 22.00%
3. Fat - 39.70%
4. Carbohydrate - 23.80%
5. Mineral substances - 4.20%
6. Fiber - 1.80%
7. Calcium - 0.49%
8. Phosphorus - 0.70%
9. Iron - 17.90 mg of Per 100 grams
10. Vitamin A - 270 Ah. Per 100 grams in Ra unit
11. Vitamin C - relatively fine-grained
12. Calories - 541 per 100 grams

Rye is bitter, hot, biliary, inflammatory, pungent, pungent, astringent and fiery. It also relieves flatulence, phlegm, phlegm, colic, ulcers, worms, itching and leprosy.

The leaves of the mustard plant are spicy, hot, delicious, bilious as well as aerating, expectorant, anthelmintic. It is a small amount of light, digestive, stimulating and sweating, which increases the discharge. This makes his brainstorming faster. The result is an open appetite.


(1) On cold: Take half teaspoon of mustard powder in honey in the morning and at night.
(2) When the limb gets bitten by air: Bind the poultice with a bowl of rye.
(3) For indigestion and abdominal pain: Take rhubarb powder with half a teaspoon of water.
(4) On spleen and liver problems: Take rye and sindhav powder in equal parts and apply it.
(5) On swelling: apply rye and sanchal lap *.
(6) To get hungry: Take half a teaspoon of mustard powder with water for a few days.
(7) To get rid of phlegm: Take half teaspoon of rye, quarter teaspoon of Sindhav and quarter teaspoon of sugar powder in the morning and at night.
(8) On stomach ache: Apply half a teaspoon of rhubarb oil and swallow.
(9) To get rid of toxins: Swallow half a teaspoon of rye and half a teaspoon of salt with hot water.
(10) To stop vomiting: Apply mustard in a bowl of water on the stomach.
(11) If the wound is ripe: Mix ghee and honey in mustard powder and apply it.
(12) If glass or fork is blown: Get mustard powder in ghee and honey and apply it, so the fork or glass comes out.
* When applying lap, first put a small muslin cloth and then apply lap on it so that blisters do not occur.

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