Electric shock is an electric shock. In today's age of science, the use of electricity has become widespread in many ways. Home lighting, favorite radios, folding irons, electric heaters, heaters, meters, geysers, and many other types of manufacturers are often fatal. The moment an open wire of electricity is touched, the person's body begins to stretch and even the slightest touch causes death. If some hasty and ignorant people rush to get rid of the electric touch and touch it to get rid of it, it also gets crushed. Insulators such as cotton or wool, wood, leather, etc. should be used without direct contact with the body, wet objects, solid metals like iron or brass as they are electrically conductive.

  • If there is burns in the area where there is grief, to treat it as per burns.
  • To give herbs like Godantibhasma, Arjunarishta, Suvarna Bhasma, Vatachintamani Rasa, Sangeyshav Bhasma, Drakshasav etc. as electricity is more likely to affect the heart.
  • To comfort the bereaved. Relax, push up if the body is trembling.
  • Stimulating spicy tea, coffee or milk.
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