Monthly Pain

Some women experience severe colic on the day before, during or after menstruation. In addition to the uterus, colic also appears in the cadaver, pelvis, vagina and abdomen. This colic is mainly due to two reasons. (A) Often due to detention of arthritis- it has apan vayu vision and constipation predominantly. (B) Excessive urination- This is due to increase in bile in the uterus, heat stroke, excessive sexual intercourse or excessive exertion. This type has a higher incidence of disability.

(A) In case of pain due to non-menstruation, shortness of breath or shortness of time, to perform the following treatment:

  • Shake with a hot water bag over the abdomen. It can also be done with a brick or an elliptical bat.
  • Castor bean, castor bean, castor bean boiled in Sivakshara or Ginger.
  • Stir in chopped garlic.
  • Giving one of Kumari Asav, Raj: Pravartini Vati, Kanyalohadi Vati, Eladi Vati, Hingashtak Churna, Lashunadi Vati, Lavanabhaskar Churna etc. will bring relief.
  • Sesame oil, asafoetida, garlic, kale, ginger, urad, sesame, ajma, suva etc.

(B) The type of colic which causes pain due to excessive, prolonged or frequent urination should be treated as follows:

  • Relax completely. Sleep with the head facing slightly lower and the captive slightly raised. (Laying bricks under the foot base in the bed.)
  • Putting soil on the pelvis or putting cold water itself.
  • To give medicines like Ashokarishta, Dhatri Avaleh, Gulkand, Kolapak, Ashoka Dhrita or Asparagus Dhrita
  • Get the same amount of water in 100 grams of milk, 10 grams of asparagus and the same amount of sugar and cook it like pudding and drink the milk of that asparagus two or three times a day.
  • To give appropriate amount of medicine obtained from Chandrakala juice, Pushyanug powder, Yashtimadhu powder, Amla powder, Godanti bhasma, Ball paparti, Shonitargal juice or asparagus in milk.
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