Migraine pain

There are many benefits to taking yogurt and rice twice a day.

Getting a little salt in pure honey and licking it will immediately relieve the pain of migraine.

Take a bowl of camphor with old jaggery and eat it regularly for a few days before sunrise in the morning to get rid of migraine pain.

Taking fresh cow's ghee through the nose in the early morning cures migraine pain forever.

Putting a little honey (a drop) in the nostril of the part of the head that is suffering due to migraine will relieve the headache.

After warming the clove bowl slightly, apply the paste on the sore part and the pain will disappear.

After warming the large cardamom in a very small bowl (peel) and applying it on the scalp, the headache will disappear.

Destroying Aretha in a bowl of water (taking steam) will alleviate the pain of migraine.

Even sniffing the case lightly will alleviate any migraine pain.

Burning old wool and taking its smoke through the nose will reduce the pain of migraine.

Take about 20-30 cups of neem leaves, kalamari and rice. Then mix the powder and soak it in hot water to get rid of migraine pain.

Applying fresh cow's milk through the nose early in the morning relieves migraine pain.

Peel a squash, grate it and rub it on the stone.

A few drops of fresh coconut water in the nose will cure migraine pain.

Applying Jamal Gota's Bowl on the forehead in the opposite direction to the side where the pain is, the pain of migraine disappears.

When it is three minutes after applying the paste, wipe it off with a cloth.

When half of the head hurts due to migraine, if the flower juice hurts on the right side, then on the left side and if it hurts on the left side, it will be immediately beneficial to put it in the nostril on the right side.

Getting ginger in goat's milk and adding it in the same way will be of immediate benefit.

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