Metal discharge

Heat 50 gms of lentil flour in cow's milk and heat it. Then get some ghee in it, drink it a little lukewarm.

Doing this experiment for a month stops urinary incontinence.

Saute 20 grams lentils in ghee. Then 200 ml. Cook well in milk, then get almonds, sugar, large grapes and prepare pudding. Making this pudding every day and eating it increases semen and stops discharge.

Dry the basil root, then make a powder of it, take one gram powder and one gram of Ashwagandha powder daily and drink cow's milk on top of it, the complaint of premature ejaculation will go away immediately.

Prepare the powder by taking 10, 20 and 30 grams of basil seeds, apricots and saffron.

Taking one gram of powdered milk every morning and evening increases semen and sexual potency, eliminates the complaint of premature ejaculation.

Eating cardamom seeds and javantri powder, crushed almonds, cow's butter and sugar combined with all this stops the discharge and metallization and thickens the semen.

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