In classical terms, blood is called hemorrhage. Women who eat hot foods like chilli, rye, garlic, salt, tomato, urad as well as women who are in the habit of stopping urination due to anger and masturbation get this disease in hot season. Frequent childbirth, anxiety, grief, overwork, etc. also increase it. If the bleeding is not treated in time, the patient has to suffer many physical or mental ailments.

  • Rest as much as possible in a bed that stays high from the feet.
  • Put an ice bag or clay bandage on the abdomen. Put yourself in the water or take a bath.
  • Giving asparagus pudding.
  • Take 2 to 3 grams powder of Ashoka bark, Jethi honey, Lodhar or Mocharas and drink it in milk.
  • Asparagus milk ginger and milk ginger boiled with water and sugar in the evening.
  • Get 1 gram of true nagkesar in 10 grams butter and shake it thrice a day.
  • Taking the right amount of Shoni Targal juice, Chandrakala juice, Pushyanugchurna etc. prepared in the pharmacy in milk will give quick benefit
  • Get equal parts of Ashokarisht and take a tablespoon in three hours.
  • Soaking in water with alum, jethi honey, lodhar and thorny maya powder, putting it in the vagina or taking a decoction of its decoction gives quick relief.
  • It is an aksir to be swallowed by being shot in the wound of millet wool.
  • Blood patients should include milk, ghee, butter, black grapes, bananas, pomegranate, chiku, dates, shingoda, kharek, watermelon, coconut, amla, rice, mug, lentil, tuvar, praval, karela, tandaljo, cucumber, sugar, shingoda. Take ghee, pudding, ghee-sugar raab made in cucumber juice etc.
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